The scoop on Gypsy  

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3/23/2006 8:45 pm

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The scoop on Gypsy

Despite this blog being very new, I’ve been bombarded with emails asking me to tell you more about who I am, what I like and dislike. So…here’s 30 random things about Gypsy...

1 No matter how hard I try to be nice and approachable, chances are you’ll still probably think I’m a bitch.
2 I feel bad when I’m mean to people.
3 I’m very cerebral.
4 I lost my virginity when I was 13.
5 I love thunderstorms
6 I get really angry when people are late. I get even angrier if you make me late
7 I fantasize about having sex with large numbers of men for money but could never really do anything like that.
8 I wish I had naturally green eyes (I wear contacts).
9 I don’t have many friends that I haven’t slept with.
10 I’m currently heartbroken.
11 I have 4 tattoos and want more.
12 I recently started smoking pot, again, and I think this time I’m turning into a weed head, lol.
13 I masturbate at least twice a day (sometimes more).
14 I’m too honest when it comes to things (and people) I don’t like.
15 I have a hard time admitting when I do have “romantic” feelings for someone.
16 I love having sex with men but I’m more likely to fall “in love” with a woman.
17 I hate being around overly religious people.
18 I cannot play any type of card games well.
19 I like to freak people out by telling them stories of crazy (sometimes illegal) things I’ve done.
20 I miss having one night stands but don't really want to get caught back up in that cycle.
21 I cannot SLEEP in the bed with a guy that I was with only for sex
22 I’m lonely as hell
23 I’m originally from Nashville
24 I hate living in Nashville but have no idea when I’ll get back to New York
25 My greatest fear is never experiencing reciprocal love.
26 I’m arrogant as hell but try to seem modest
27 I think I’m weird but I’m not sure why
28 After sex I have to eat ice cream to take the edge off otherwise I’ll stay insanely horny
29 I’ve considered getting help for Sexual Addiction
30 I think entirely too much.

NCBlackSnake 51M
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5/6/2006 4:59 am

There is no such thing as thinking too much, unless it stop you from acting on your thoughts.

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