My best friend  

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My best friend

All night he’d watched me like a tiger stalking prey. Whenever I was careless enough to get caught in his gaze, from across the dance floor, I instantly felt my skin flush and a steady thumping between my thighs. Stay away from him at all costs, I repeated like my new mantra. He was the out of town lover of my best friend only here for her birthday weekendthen he’s out of here. I’d been trying to turn over a new leaf and my life and realized I wanted friends whose man I hadn't fucked or sucked off in some whimsical spur of the moment way. She was the only one I had. But how do you avoid your best friend on their birthday?
She'd wanted to go out. “I wanna get drunk!” she declared. So...out we went and drunk we got. Her and me, that is. He was the designated driver. Thank goodness for it because my friend and me were so plastered we’d have definitely ended up being scraped off the street by EMS workers.
We got back to her place about 3am, where we continued to get more hammered. Everything seemed to be going well. No longer under the lustful eyes of this handsom stranger who was completely of limits, we were all having such a good time chatting and laughing that I didn’t notice the sky beginning to lighten until I went to take a glass into the kitchen. I returned to tell my friend that I was tired and headed home when I saw that in a matter of seconds she's passed out on her sofa. Seeing her there made me feel even more exhausted. I plopped down into the recliner across from my friend and let out a sigh.

“Stay.” The guy says from across the room, approximately 4 ft to the right of my friend.
“Oh, I live a few houses away,” I say. “I’ll be fine.”
“But you want to stay.”

With a raised eyebrow, I looked at him and responded.

“No, I wanna go home and pass out just like her”, pointing to my friend.
“Stay.” He repeated monotonously.

He then began to unbutton his pants, then down came the zipper.

“Don’t. Just don’t, okay.” I warned. “I’m not doing it…We’re not gonna…while she’s…Oh hell no. Boy, don’t even play yourself!” I mused.

Slow and methodically he rose to his feet. I noticed, for the first time, that he was very tall…at least 6’5. I reached for my bag on the floor, near my right foot, and quickly pulled the strap onto my shoulder. When I sat upright, I was a tongue's length from the most beautiful and perfect dark chocolate cock I’d ever seen in real life.

I pushed him away. He stumbled back a step and a half and moved right back into place. He was stiff as hell. I mean I could literally see it pulsing as it became fuller and even more firm. He rocked his pelvis slightly forward and I allowed the mushroom shaped head to brush across my lips. I licked my full lips seductively just to taste his pre cum. Again my pussy started to pulse.

“Shit! I’m drunk,” I said. “I can’t do this. She’s my best friend” I rationalized.

I pushed him away again, stood up, straightened my clothes and hurried for the door.

Just as I turned the deadbolt and pulled the door open he reached over my shoulder and slammed it closed.
"Please wait" he said and began to kiss me passionately.
His tongue was soft and warm and tasted like Amaretto. His wrapped me up in a strong embrace and held me captive with one hand containing a fistful of my hair, the other found it’s way beneath my too-short mini and held firmly onto the roundness of my ass. I let a moan, deep and guttural, slip from my lips. He kissed me hungrily on my lips, face and neck.
With one hand still on my backside he guided shoulders back to the door and began to kiss and caress my by breasts through my blouse. His touch was skilled and deliberate. I fought to overcome the weakness in my knees for fear that I just might fall. He palmed both breasts in his large, masculine hands as a devious smile came across his lips. He pressed his body hard against mine and ripped open my blouse. He sucked my erect nipples greedily until waves of pleasure bolted down to my hot honey pot and my body began to tremble ever so slightly. The look on his face told me that he was pleased with himself. He reached into his back pocket and removed something shiny, a condom. I held out my hand suggesting he let me put the condom on but not really sure how I could get even a Magnum comfortably on him.
“Need some help with that?” I asked.
“So you’ll stay?,” he replied
I only smirked at him and extend my hand even further.
“You can’t,” he tells me. “I have to.” I watched attentively as he fully unrolled the rubber and pulled it over his massive erection it the way one would do a new turtleneck sweater.
“Turn around,” he demanded once the condom was on.
“What?” I asked ready to catch an attitude. “Please tell me you’re not one of those guys. I don’t have time ‒”

In an instant, he backed me into the door again, restraining me at the wrist, and positioned his large cock between my thighs.
“Turn around,” he repeated while slowly turning me to face the door.

He kissed my shoulder and I leaned forward arching my back pushing my rear higher into the air to accommodate his height. He moved my moist panties to the side and entered me fast but smoothly. He pumped the full length of his shaft deep into my hole. Taking long strokes he pounded me over and over again. I worked my hips in a circular motion matching his rhythm. I was hot all over. Beads of sweat began to form along the small of my back. I arched even further and shivered slightly from a chill caused by the cool air that crept beneath the door. He pushed me further over until I touched my toes and drove his dick deeper inside. He released a brutish moan. I felt his cock get even hard and swell then begin to throb. The room seemed to start spinning as my body quaked in ecstasy. My pussy gripped his large tool and gushed hot cum that trickled down my thighs. Our movements slowed as we both caught our breath. After a brief moment of still silence he withdrew his still rigid manhood. Shocked by the the horribly wonderful thing I’d just done, I put on my coat without saying a word and started out the door as he finished buttoning his jeans.

“Wow! You’re fuckin dangerous…” He said with a look of astonishment on his face. “Let me see you again before I leave.”
“No!” I retorted. “This never happened and never will.”
He reached into his pants pocket, this time removing a business card. “That’s my cell number. Let’s do this the right way”
The right way? I thought. This was just wrong. I've gotta fix it. I crumpled the card in the palm of my hand and walked out…

Back at home, I studied the number on the card before setting fire to it and placing it in a large ashtray. I promised myself that I’d never tell a soul what happened. I lit a cigarette in the open flame and watched the card burn quickly and completely becoming nothing more than black ash…a memory of something that was and is no more. Like magic, it all just disappeared.

That was many birthdays ago…neither I nor she has ever seen him again. We are still best friends.

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