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Gwynndolyn 35F
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7/6/2006 8:39 pm

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The latest Profile Updates are in...

... And here for your viewing pleasure as well.

If I'm interested, then you have already gotten this update before I put it here or on my profile. So many people are asking me these questions, I want to let you all know the answers. This is who I am. It's a take it or leave it. The curse of mine of being to the point.


Currently, I work on a need-to-work basis as a contractor for an apartment complex. I have a background in medical billing, construction (roofing, painting, drywall, carpeting/vinyl, etc...), customer service, line cook, administrave assistant. My dad's called me a Jack of all trades. My mom's reffered to me as a MacGuyver when it comes to solutions. I need to stay busy no matter what I do.
In my down time it's my kids, or reading the latest novel from one of my favorite authors, writing my book, painting and drawing. I can sit and listen to everything from the Beatles and Bach to Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Yanni. Phantom of the Opera and the King and I are two of my favorite stages shows. Yes, stage, not the movies, though they weren't that bad either. But I can also sit down and watch Jackie Chan, or the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

I'm a contridiction.

Cynical with a sweet and generous side.
One day I can be gothic, the next look ready for a boardroom. I'm anything but dull, or so I've been told. Spontaneous, ironically, when I have the time, I could have plans for dinner and a movie and turn around and hit Canada on a whim.

Straight up and honest, I'm not going to lie to about what I look like. I have a bit of a pouch from the three operations to have my children, and unfortunetly (though they are no where near as noticable) I do have those annoying marks on my stomach from the pregnancies as well. This is me... who I am. A woman with an endless, open minded, sex drive in a body closer to the newer, recent, Kristy Alley then Christina Aguilera.
Don't get me wrong, I eat healthy, I take care of myself. I've just had the ill luck of my last pregnancy being rather hard. You try holding an 11 lb baby boy for 2 weeks past your due date then have an operation to get him out, and see how fast you rebound. Sorry, not rich, no personal trainer and endless hours to work out.

Ask about my fantasies and I can go into intricate detail.
My largest is a dream world, the fantasy of being appriciated and being pamerpered and made love to in a way that makes me feel desired. A bit sappy but that is one of them. But do a 360 and I also want to be bound, gagged is an option, and stroked into submission or just taken without care or question. Wild abandon on one side or slow possession on the other. I love to please my partner, to have them sit on the side of the bed or the couch while I kneel next to them and pleasure them while they stroke my clit and finger me.
I've been demoralized, called good dog or bad, when I'm in the mood it's a turn on but then when I'm not it can be too, becuase most likely I'm in a volitile mood and like it rough.
I can be what you want and when, and like I said before I have a dominant nature so depending on my moods you might find me trying to dominate you. I like my hair pulled, the feeling of fingers on my neck. I don't like to be marked becuase the questions annoy me more then embarass. I can be quiet or porn star loud or some where between.
Ice and wine and strawberries... chocolates and late night burger with beer. If anything I know how to surprise a guy and keep him guessing on just what I will do next.

To repeat I'm not high maitenance, I don't look for the latest purse or tennis bracelet. Yes, I have a major weakness to pedicures and manicures... I like my hair done and my tanning beds but those are the most expensive I have ever gotten with a man unless they choose the restaurant. Black tie or no shirt no shoes... Heck, I shop at walmart, victoria's secret and the Army/Navy surplus. I live by listening to music that suits me and let my moods deligate my desires and my actions.

I would like to be your sensual friend, your lover, your one night stand.

I want to know what you expect, what you want from this relationship and what your boundries are. I'm not looking for that apartment paid for or anything of the sort. I'm simply looking to enjoy myself and another for a time.

I hope at least some of this rant has given you a look into who I am and what I'm about. If anything I'm open book honest.

rm_SCOOTI2002 44M
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8/3/2006 7:18 am

It sounds like you really know what you want.....GOOD FOR YOU!!! I can appreciate that in anyone, not just a lady. Keep up your attitude and you will go far. It has taken me so long to develope that kind of attitude and I really enjoy life that much better. I will continue to enjoy reading your blog if that is ok with you. Have a great one!! However that may cum to you.

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