Anticipation of the actual storm or the sexual storm?  

GwenAngel 39F
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7/10/2005 6:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Anticipation of the actual storm or the sexual storm?

I've been up since 6 AM. Getting stuff around the house picked up and put in the shed, just different little things. My body getting tense from what to expect, living here my whole life I've been through plenty of storms. Well little change in plans though. I have a friend staying with me, he's not from here so he's not use to all of this. As he got nervous earlier I whispered in his ear that I knew a way to get him to relax and pretty much be his calm through the storm. He looked at me with a little confused look. Being outside first thing this morning, no one up and moving yet, a light drizzle, and the cool wind blowing, at the end of the house where the trash cans sit, I pushed him up against the house. I pressed my body against his and started kissing his neck, as he tried to take me in his arms, I pushed them down beside him. Holding his arms beside him I slowly started kissing down his unclothed chest and stopped right above the waist of his pajama pants. Letting myself up and one of his wrists go, I slid my hand into his pants and started caressing his already hard dick, he moaned a little and then took and grabbed the back of my head, taking a hand full of hair he pulled my head back(he knows I like that, it's always good to have a man that knows what you like) and he started kissing my neck I let go of his other wrist and put my hand on the back of his head. This sexy Puerto Rican does something to me that no other ever has, damn his mouth felt good. With his other hand released he came up the front of my shirt and started rubbing my breasts and making my nipples hard, pushing my little bra up over my DD sized breasts he leaned down a bit and started sucking on my breasts. How much I wanted to scream his name but I remembered we were outside and some people were still asleep(haha, poor saps). As my body got hotter I heard a door close, the guy across the street had brought his dogs out like he does every morning. Giggling we moved closer to the back of the house where he had me pinned between the corner of the house and the fence. He slid his hand down my chest, then my stomach and moved his hand up one of the legs of the boxers I had on. No panties, easy access. As he started fingering me and rubbing my clit I felt him getting harder, I could feel myself getting so wet, he took his fingers as deep as he could from that position. Knowing how hard he was and all he had access to at that point was my hand, I changed our positions and squatted down, with his hands as my leverage to keep me from falling, I pulled his pants down just a bit and took him into my mouth, I felt his body tense up a bit as I let go of his hand and put mine on his stomach. As I got him almost to cum in my mouth, he pulled me back up and started kissing me passionately and took my hand, leading me behind him back into the house, we went back to my room, where he undressed me kissing everywhere he could with a quickness. His wanting to be inside me made him move a little faster then usual. As he dropped his pants we didn't even make it to the bed, we dropped to the floor(thank goodness I have extremely comfortable carpeting. haha) and with no hesitation he penetrated me and it felt so good, he did it hard and deep just like I wanted and like it. Before I knew it, he had me screaming out his name. Damn he knows how to break me off. Well after a bit of relaxing and getting recomposed we got dressed and started getting the house ready for the storm, if later tonight is anything like that, I might be sleeping through the storm. TTFN Kiddies.

rm_hungwell422 54M

7/11/2005 1:25 pm

Girl u need to contact me

BlackSailorMan 51M
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7/11/2005 6:05 pm

I called my mom, she is fine. Hope you are too. You are making a brother wanna go back to his roots (Mississippi). Maybe there is something back there for me!

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