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2/5/2006 5:39 am

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Work and stuff

You work your arse off for the business department, and on the day they want to decide whether we go or not into production with a new system, the business forces the IT department to roll in a new release. Untested. The people from the IT department who are aware of this release do not say anything, but just keep going as if nothing can break and everything is honky-dory...
Stupid stupid stupid... if something in that release breaks the whole infrastructure for this new application? It's gonna be me to take the blame, and to fix it... So I spoke up, and an hour and a half later, my manager calls me up to say he is totally unhappy with me saying that I want the script tested and evidenced... Shooting one in the back... My manager! The idiot, instead of keeping these people off my back, he shoots at me himself!

Anyways, today everything went into production as tested, except one vital bit: data extraction. The business side should have tested this, they claimed they did, but hey, they didn't... We'll work double time, then, yeah.

So work is done, I went to gym, and saw some nice firm tits bouncing about on the jogging machines... One set of tits then moved over to the bikes I was using, and sat on the bike next to me. She said at one point: Don't waste all your energy, because I want some of that too...
30 minutes later we're at my place taking the after-gym-shower. And I tell ya, she went straight for the cock... No fuzzing about, she makes it stiff, turns around, bends over, and tells me to stick in there... She was hot and wet, I tell ya. 5 minutes of banging, she comes screaming. Bang some more, I can hear the tone of her voice going up, some I keep on banging, she comes again. I withdraw, and start to soap her body. Very sensual sight: DD tits in soap-bubbles, nipples sticking through.

Overall, I feel hungry, so we ate some bread (soya and limeseed from Vogel... very good, soft, full bread!), and now's gone...

Of course, in reality this all is not happening right now. In reality you are reading what I wrote, and I am off doing something else. In my reality right now, I am typing this text... Is all very confusing... I think I need to see a shrink...

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