The Bonnie Chronicles, Part eleven  

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5/25/2005 6:49 am

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The Bonnie Chronicles, Part eleven

That night, the storm drove our unrelenting passion for each other to the next level of a combination of insanity and tenderness. At once violent, next, tender as holding a newborn baby. We broke several parts of the cabin in our efforts to embarrass every taboo known to man. As the storm’s intensity raged outside, we matched it in measures of passion like a Knight of the Round Table holding his ground against the hoards, armed only with a sword. It was almost like a contest of skills to see who would win and who would perish. And neither one of us wanted to perish… We only wanted to “finish off” our antagonist. A very tall order for the two of us.

Around noon on Saturday, the two warriors faced one another, out of breath, sweating, and a slow smile growing on their faces. Eye to eye. Was it a draw? Hmmm…. No, no draw, we would live to fight this tender battle another day. But there may be some treachery involved in the meantime… And maybe some pain. The storm outside and the Gods above knew, but we didn’t. And they laughed to the high heavens in the form of shrieking winds and horizontal rain… Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then..

We had talked about walks on the beach. I knew this country well and had planned on taking her to a small beach at the mouth of Mill Creek to walk and talk and make some memorable outdoor sexual memories. The weather wasn’t going to allow it and we were getting kind of in love with that cabin anyway. Next best thing to the beach seemed to be that claw foot bathtub.

I will have the memory of the sight of Bonnie in that bathtub, bubbles up to her chest, black hair fanned out and spilling over the back edge of the tub, giving me that thrillingly seductive look with those burning blue eyes etched in my memory forever.

That was one fun bathtub and well built, too. We tried hard to knock it over but it stood its ground admirably. We did have to keep adding water, though. Along with ocean outside, the seas were also in great turmoil in the tub. (The tiny ship was tossed… That was as close to sex on the beach as we got on that trip. I think it was just as good with no sand problems.

We decided we better get outside sometime so with the weather we decided to hit a bar in a casino down the road. Whenever we went out in public the strangest things happened. People always stared at us and almost every time someone would stop us and ask questions. The beautiful twenty two year old bartender: Haven’t I seen you guys in a movie? (That was a common one) Are you married? Then the local redneck (after almost falling off his stool when Bonnie walked in): Holy shit, you are beautiful! Where you from? Wow, what’s that perfume you’re wearing? Then to me: This your woman? Christ, you must have something’ going on to get woman like this. To Bonnie: He got it going’ on? Christ, he must have a horse dick or something’. Security finally drug the guy out. I swear, something like this happened almost every time we went out in public.

One of the best parts of the trip was the romantic dinner we had at a fantastic restaurant just south of town. People looked but nobody was rude. She looked so happy and content. We were starved after our athletic antics over the last twenty four hours. The food was to die for and so was the company.

There was a small break in the weather on the way home and we did get our walk on the beach. We held hands and made our footprints down the deserted beach after all.

On the trip home our lust got the best of us again and we had to make a stop at a lake for another very memorable round of oral sex on a picnic table. So we got to do it all, and the orgasm I had on that park table will go down in my history books as the most memorable ever. I almost lost consciousness, it was so intense

Gunslinger1954 62M

5/27/2005 5:27 am

It really was one of those times I'll never forget. Some of my fondest memories of Bonnie come from that weekend. Romantic in every sense of the word.

Barbiebunny69 43F

5/29/2005 12:23 am


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