The Bonnie Chronicles, Part 7  

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5/2/2005 5:36 pm

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The Bonnie Chronicles, Part 7

Thanks for your patience, Sexyfit's probably ready to neuter me by now. The nature of the story changes a little now that we have met. What a whirlwind! Remember, it was only three days from the time we met to the the last chapter. After getting lucky that the blond got drunk and Bonnie got my number, we met for dinner and within 2 hours we were trying to sexually murder each other. We had talked during dinner, but not much, really - just small talk. The big communication was non verbal. I just can't describe how powerful this silent communication was. I have always been a student of body language. There was a lot more here going on than just body language. The body language was there but coupled with the language of the eye contact, they combined for an incredible one, two punch for both of us. Kind of a "ready, FIRE, aim situation.

After collecting ourselves from our collapse in laughter on the bed following the intrusion of the hapless maid, we showered together. I became hard again in the shower and she said "my god, you're going to kill me". I gently rubbed this well used hard on up against her as I slowly soaped her down, wanting to save sex in the shower for another day. She seemed to marvel at my body as she soaped me up. I'm still at kind of a loss as to why she thought my body was sooo hot. She just absolutely adored it. If she adored my body, then she worshipped my cock. She would run her hands up my forearms to my shoulders, down my chest and stomach, then up my back just literally quivering with excitement. She couldn't look at my cock without having a "shock and awe" type reaction.

I have mentioned in telling this tale her remarks about my huge cock. She would slap me for saying this, and sorry ladies, but I don't have a huge cock. Big, yes. Huge, no. But to Bonnie it was by far and away the biggest cock she had ever seen outside real freaks of nature like John Holmes. I laughed at her about it, thinking she was patronizing me and she got angry, holding her ankle up against it to prove herself right - Look! It's as big around as my ankle! (small beautiful girl) She absolutely loved it and her eyes got huge every time she saw it. She just could not keep her hands off my body, either. She constantly studied and caressed it. She insisted I was the most handsome man she had ever been with. Like a cross between Kurt Russell and Russell Crowe, she said. (I have no idea what she was looking at! couldn't have been me)

Ladies, do you have any idea what effect this kind of attention to a man's mind and body can do to him? She was obviously sincere and was not doing it just to build me up. Even though I was disbelieving of all these compliments she stood her ground. In her mind, I had the body of a God, the stamina of a marathon runner and the cock of a gladiator. There's no doubt my everlasting hard on at least in part was sustained by her devotion to my body. She made me feel more like a real man than I had in many years. In the nearly three decades leading up to this day I was not accustomed to any compliments regarding my body. But if I was perceived as even slightly overweight, I'd hear about it in spades.

When we got out of the shower, I sat on the couch and she laid down with her feet in my lap and her head on the arm rest. And we quietly looked each other in the eyes again. That sexual communication stream reopened again but in a different way. In an after sex way. So hard to describe...still randy as hell.. with the promise of maybe a lifetime more to come. We both knew well that we had gotten into way more this night than either of us had bargained for. There was a feeling of some unknown, monumental change in both our lives drifting between us. With one of those unforgettable smiles she parted her legs slightly and I began slowly masturbating her as we each looked the other in the eyes and quietly talked. The passion going on there was enough to ignite the room on fire, I thought. Even after a more than full night of it! The sexual expressiveness of her eyes was just an amazing thing. It was the most powerful aphrodisiac I've ever experienced. The words slowly became fewer, her breath becoming ragged. My fingers took on a life of their own. With the knowledge gained from the night before, they knew just what to do, playing her pussy like a finely tuned instrument. With my free hand, I took over what she had been doing with her feet and joined the party. Seeing me with my cock in my hand completely sent her over the edge. I entered her quickly with two fingers, thumb spinning soft circles around her clit. Her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers. With a gush of liquid that soaked the couch and me, she started what she said later was the longest and most intense climax she had ever had. I stuck with her as she gyrated, her beautiful face in orgasm, hearing her cries of ecstasy, slowing down and speeding up and just trying to keep her there forever.

We never broke eye contact during this whole episode, even for a second. Making her cum while looking into her eyes from start to finish was the most erotic experience I had ever had.

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5/9/2005 1:44 am

Awesome!! I am a definate fan, and love the way you leave me, hot but frustrated, sentimental and so WANTING more!!! Mauh! SG

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wow ,now thats passion at its best

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