The Bonnie Chronicles, Part 5  

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The Bonnie Chronicles, Part 5

The preceeding chapters were posted at one time on greedycat's blog. This is where the story picks up again from the last post there. So those of you who were dying of boredom, reading stuff you have already seen now have a fresh part of the storyline to read. Hope ya'll enjoy it!

After she said that we remained quietly looking at each other, the bond building continued. Now I was taking in her whole face in addition to those beautiful dark blue eyes. She had the most amazing skin - it was flawless. No wrinkles, not even the beginnings of crow's feet at the corner of her eyes. Her nose - perfect. Her mouth was small and perfect. There was a sensual quality to her face that just made me want to throw her down, kiss her and plunge my cock into her. "And what made you want to see me again?" she asked, snapping me out of this trance I was going into. I believe she was reading my mind. "When I walked into the Hotel room that morning and saw you sitting in my bed, and looked into your eyes, something inside me broke free. I felt an instant connection with you, that has never happened to me before and come hell or high water, I was determined to see you again. I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't find out what that connection was". MMMmmm, she said, I felt the exact same thing that morning and I had been waiting for you to call my friend back. She got drunk and told me you had called and I almost had to beat her up to get her phone away from her to get your number.

While this talking was going on we remained in steady eye contact. We had been sitting on opposite ends of the couch and started to rise in unison with the last words of our conversation. We stood up and each took a couple of steps toward the other. I put my hands gently on each side of her face and kissed her. But it wasn't just a kiss. Like the mental information exchange that was going on earlier, we were communicating on another level altogether, the kiss seemed to progress through stages. At first, intoxicating, next, drifting into space, next, the room wasn't there anymore, we were lost among the stars somewhere in neverland. She had an orgasm and we continued to kiss, my God, what a kiss. It was soft, it was tender, it was violent, it was a full on body experience that was much more like having sex than a kiss. The aftermath of the orgasm left her breathless and we took a breather, wiping our mouths and laughing.

With an impish smile she asked if I had protection. I said no, but there's a mini mart right down the street, I'm on my way there right now. "Don't be long", she said.

I haven't bought condoms since I was a teenager. I'm looking all over this mini mart and finally go to the counter and ask the older woman behind the register if they had condoms. I felt like a blushing teenager again. She smiled and said "oh yes, we have three different kinds" and took one package of each off the rack. I looked at them and saw they were two to a pack. I pointed, choosing one brand and said I'll take three of those. "They come in two packs", she said. I said no, I want 3 packs of two. A huge smile breaks over this woman's face, she batts her eyes and says "can I come up to your room, too?" I said, "not tonight, sweety". We both busted up laughing.

Oh, but that was just the beginning of a night to remember for all time.

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