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5/18/2005 7:08 pm

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time to blog

hello working on ideas for blogs so here enjoy one of my favorite songs by a band I was in.It was named The Corpse Disposal Unit.We played thrash and had many world wide fans and we filled up a coffee shops with plenty of kids, but at bars we would just get threats from rednecks so the coffee shop circuit rules.So write to your favorite counselor and tell them you have a person for them.

The Landfill Conclusion
by Me Copywrite your mother
music by the Scarry Pumpkin

Dirt landfill scum of your hatred
put my corpse into the crate
Satanic Servants Stuck up yuppie policies
Alchol fueled hostilites
The Acid in your veins
the pro football reign inside your brain
I follow the darkest ends
I feel that death is the only end

I try to relate
Try to change my fate
then try to live straight
Just to realize
everyone is much stronger than I
they carry on ,myself f***ing done
try to create ends up bloody sedate
dug my hole in where to lie
toppled by there perserverance and time
to breathe only by chance

On the killing floor again,hung myself in the door
asked to live on the killing floor again
Just another tramatic illusion
Just another landfill conclusion
On the killing floor again

You are made on the stone I could never be shone
In the bathroom I'm f***ing alone
Pools of blood it all turns to stone
I no longer see
My joints tighten up and turn to stone
the eyes bug out
the tounge is exposed
the stench sets in
the maggots eat the eyelids
Just another tramatic illusion
just another landfill conclusion
The ground is dark, dark f***ing brown
My lungs forever drown
Then many repeats and so on
so beware of the coffee house you might find your kids rocking out to our band cuz the bar scene hates metal..guitar lord reporting from the bargain eisle at mallmart looking for some nicotine patches and wood grain alchol.


MetalSlut1666 44F

5/18/2005 11:47 pm

Oh! GuitarLord! Will you blog more of your lyrics for me? PLEASE? They are bloody brilliant on so many levels!!!!!! This is why you are now my all time favourite lyric writer of all time! Keep 'em cummin'!!!!!!!

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