Why so loud?  

GuitarLord 45M
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5/8/2005 9:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why so loud?

Hello,let me speak today on loud sounds and the law.I am a violater of many a sound ordinanace in our fine community.Which is close to silvis illinois.I have had many a police man crashing down our practice space through the front door of course.Demanding to shut us down cuz the neighbor next door can't sleep.o.k. whatever and yes I have had to pay tickets,get a record,been searched,and of course when you where under 21 ,possession of booze.Now fast forward to this weekend,on a very nice day one is awoken by an invasion of the motorcycle clans.Over 500 idiots on the american built motorcycles,had a little rally through our small one horse town.It felt like the end was here.At 10a.m. at the crack of dawn.Yes I is a muscian so yes 10 a.m. is like 5a.m. to nice sane folk.So anyway it did not end.Cycle after cycle because they could not go in one big and final group.No they spaced it out a bit to increase the decibel hell one had to endure.Yes before the wise guys go "your heavy metal junk is hell".YES you do have a point.But I point out the time again.If I pay fines for 3pm jam sessions and kids get there cars impounded for there stereos in there cars.Yes I am a jerk I like subs cuz at least they put out a beat.What is an American motorcycle?An overgrown lawnmower engine with no muffler.I have no problem with the import cycles, why cuz they have mufflers.So to cut my rant short.This summer I will play Rocking Dildo cds at full blast outside of many proud American cycle owners homes.Just joking I know you guys own guns too.But hey that would be much fun.Sunday morning eggs interupted by an attack from the rain coat brigade.So tell jesus to get back on his American cycle and head back to the cycle rally.Cuz us boom boxers and other violaters of sound ordinances want our fines and cars back because why ??? We put mufflers on our vehicles!!!!GuitarLord reporting from the trailer court next to mallmart.With no money for a breakfast burrito..or sense of speelling or grammers..

MetalSlut1666 44F

5/12/2005 12:59 am

Alright! I've had the pinkertons called on me before, too! It was in the middle of the day, while I was doing my laundry, and for turning my Metal music's volume up just enough to hear it over the washer/dryer noise! Why do these motor cycle mongers get to break just about every rule of the road? We all see and hear them more than doubling the speed limits - revving and winding up their engines to compensate for their lack of penis inches. When they travel in groups, they violate the lane usage laws. They don't get any noise ordinance tickets OR tickets for not having mufflers (Which is real ozone-friendly, now, isn't it - not even!) AND they don't tickets for not wearing helmets! OOOOOOH! Let's not forget that they aren't required to wear any sort of seat belts or restraints because they're so special. One more thing: The Rocking Dildos rule the Earth!!!!!! THE ROCKING DILDOS WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!! Yeah, one of my all time favourite bands - The all mighty Rocking Dildos!!!!!!

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