The Ranch Dressing debate Part 1  

GuitarLord 45M
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5/23/2005 11:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Ranch Dressing debate Part 1

Oh what a weekend wow and golly gee.My friend "pencil head"Pete and "left arm"Louis hit the strip bars in search of love and milf's.Pete has a mean fetish for milfs.He carries around a spare bottle of ranch salad dressing and tequilia.He says he lures them with his sexy banter and chicken finger cooking skills.Anyway Louis and I are bored with hanging at the local sLappleBee's and full of chicken wings too.Cuz I hates ranch but loves me some tobasccy.We insisted on the "nudey bar".I was tired of listening to "reo speedsled","muzak" and I was in need of hearing some "nelly" and seeing some breasts of girls who think I am a creep anyway.Pete is a dork.He has a subscrition to the Oprah magazine.We only let him hang out cuz he has no regard for local state laws and he has the most awesome goons of hazzard collection on our side of the mississippi.So we walked on down the hallway of the lobby at the slapplebee's.Also we leave a donation of used tissue at the little hostess stand thing and head out the door.Farting we enter the plush interior of Louis' fard focus and drive on down the road.

We get to "tail ends and hubcaps" a kind of a naskar meets professional wrestling inspired theme "nudey"bar.The girls are way hot and the drinks are alchol flavored.We order the "dale #8"special.It is a pitcher of cough syrup,beer,and schnapps.I recieved many dances from Crystal Careingbottom.She rocks.She does a whole notley crew set where she sets her spike heel boots on fire useing lighter fluid and a blow tourch.The naskar fans love it.I just like her "careing-bottom" and I promise her I will get her in one of my many big time hollywood projects.
We run into Tom Reznor (he is related to a famous techno guy).Tom told us of the big Agnostic Front show in chicago on sunday night.Tom asked if we could take is buddy Phil.I said only if he rides in the trunk cuz Phil,he don't like to brush his teeth.So we stayed up the rest of the night drinking wood grain alchol and playing lawn darts with blasting caps.I invited over Crystal and she kicked our buts "doom 3".

Tune in for our exciting story of chicago and an evening at the theatre with Agnostic Front.We asked Vinnie Stigma his oppinions on world politics and milfs.Also have many pictures.So rock on cuz my brain still tastes of a hint of cajun spices and coffee.Guitar Lord out (of mental reason)**!!+=*&!!

1MetalSlut666 44F
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6/3/2005 12:52 am

What can I say, GuitarLord!?! You RULE!!!!!! Your blogs are never dull, are they! If not for your superior blogs, I'd have never entered the blogosphere! Oh! Yes! Agnostic Front ROCKZ!!!!!!

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