The American Chopper the real story.  

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6/5/2005 11:31 pm

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The American Chopper the real story.

American Chopper the real story

Yea they are gay. They had some idiotic Caterpillar themed type of motorbicycle in honor of farm equipment. They displayed it somewere for money that went to charity. Then on the local news,cuz really they have nothing else to report. Yes the motorbike was gay. So is their dumb cable tv show. After this little motor bike festival here. The sale of the ever stylish O.C.C. shirts will hit the roof around these parts. Oh boy can't wait. I tell you what if I had a hot sister, hell yea I would take her right down to the cycle show thar. Hey Clint Black is going to play here also. I'm going to pick up MILFS at that show alrighty. Cuz I have a west coast chopper shirt and do I get some hot MILF action with that shirt. Either way I think all American built cycles suck and they should buy the Japanese imports cuz 1. they have a frinkin muffler on it. I'm sorry if harley is the ultimate white trash symbol but damn at least put a muffler on the F***ing thing. Because as long as you need a dumb LOUD bicycle with an overgrown lawn mower engine. I be keeping my Marshall stack all nice and loud for you bright and early sunday morning ready to play some Randy Roades riffs out side your house.So here is my suggestion for the next "theme" bicycle for OCC. How about a rainbow themed motor bike in honor of homosexuallity everywhere. You could paint the gas can in rainbow and so on. Just let your imagination go rainbowy. So in closing harley's are lame and so is Clint Black. I feel like whatching the Goons of Hazzard and eating some chicken fingers with a whole mess of Ranch dressin'.GuitarLord reporting outside of kids eat free tuesday at SlappleBee's. On the prowl for a hot MILF. Peace in! Dowg!

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