I'm going country.Part 1  

GuitarLord 45M
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5/11/2005 9:19 pm

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I'm going country.Part 1

After hanging out at that fancy French cemetary where Jim Morrison is buried along side of many other famous fancy people.I was with my paranormal research gruop.We were trying out my new internet ready Wee-Gee Board.I put a 56kmodem and a police scanner with a c.b. on the sucker.I was ready to speak to some spirits.We also rolled out a sweet P.A. system in case mr.Morrison had some new material to share.We had it all going sensors,radars,tempurature things along side of my 2005 ready Wee-Gee board.Everything was ready and so were we.All of a sudden through my police scanner I recieved all kinds of signals.It was bad ass.Then a real creepy version of "the end" was playing in the c.b. handle.I replied "mr.Morrison do you have the key to the otherside??!!"Sparks flew out of the P.A..Grave stones shattered.My team scattered.I stood there because I was high so everything looked really cool.Then the voice of Jim Morrison was every where.He said to leave this place and to leave an offering of chicken cuz he had no use for your pork and beans.Also that he was voting republican since Ronald Reagan showed up there also the acid sucked there ,and Janis Joplin is getting fatter each year and Jimi Hendrix is now a buddist so his address has changed so no one can find him to jam out with.Jim also told me that Sean Hannity was in need of some oxy cotton cuz he really gets on everyones nerves there.So I gathered my gear went to some french bar and walked on down the hall.At the bar I ran into Sophie Marcue(bravefart and a 007 flick).She said my blog reports on cnn were cool.I agreeed with her.She asked me about the inspiration for my blogs.I told her about the wonderous place of silvis illinois where the sun always shined and kittens come up to you for love and cudles.After that I had this french bird snowed.She of course gave me some line about having to catch a plane and such.I knew the truth my obvious manly phisque and knowledge of the english language was to much for her take at once.So she had to flee.That was cool I had few extra dollars for some french hookers at a bordello, I of course knew of.I am from rock island but my many hollywood connections has made a bit of the world traveller.Low and behold I run into the nudge at the bordello.Ted Nugent was there too.Cool eh?After making it with many french broads we went out to french countryside to make fun of the locals and shoot as many defensless animals we could find.The french cops did not screw with us cuz we were with the nuge!!!And they love some wango tango over there in France.State side is when I really go country so tune in again for part 2.Guitar lord reporting from the darkside of Oprah Winfree's moon.Because I be livin' everyday like I was a dieing...

GuitarLord 45M

5/11/2005 10:00 pm

This post was messed with by the censors.I really hope it shows up soon so I can start on part 2.So I ope everyone can see it soon..Guitar Lord

MetalSlut1666 44F

5/12/2005 12:17 am

Oh! GuitarLord! You are the KING!!!!!! Ms. Sophie really doesn't know what she missed out on by catching that plane! You really are a firey hot and sexXxy hunk of man flesh to handle! I could see where a timid girl might be intimidated by your deliciousness! Eat your heart out John Baker from silvis, illannoying!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! OH! YES! Thank you, GuitarLord, for reminding me of yet one more VERY important reason that I hate Spread Pukent (ted nugent)! He's a filthy (and not in the good way - hee hee hee!), good for nothing, dickless, spineless, gutless, miserable, and weak abuser/killer/torturer/what ever of our innocent animal friends! You know that three personality flaws nearly every cerial killer have in common are: Animal torture, Arson, and BED WETTING! I am willing to wager that ol nugent is a pathetic bed wetter, to boot! Some one from that money grubbing and usless p.E.T.A. organization should really break down and begin to hunt and kill spread pukent's offspring first, and then follow by picking off the motor city sad man himself! All for the sake of sport! That would actually be quite amusing to me and maybe score a few points with me on p.e.t.A.'s behalf! Yeah! They should televise that! I'd pay top dollar to see that!!!!!!

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