Finding Old Musiks on the Internerd  

GuitarLord 45M
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6/12/2005 11:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Finding Old Musiks on the Internerd

Such music fun

I found another good porpuse for this internerd. Looking up some old music that people could give a crap less for. Yes I have the most ignorant musical taste ever but hey this is america so I eat chili dogs and drink kool aid. So here goes, does anyone on this gay little site,rember BITCH? The old band from L.A. 1982-1990. My friend Larry(whom I have blogeed before)hooked me up with some Bitch. All my copies were lost or destroyed in an 80's beer haze. So thanks to Larry I can now rock again to Betsy Bitch and her bad ass L.A. metal sylings. Ok here is another fun filled chick band, ROCKBITCH from London late 1990's. These chicks were a funloving band who had no problem giving some girl on girl action just for an interview. Also the stage show were chuck full of all kinds of sexual antics.Ever hear of the impotent sea snakes? well they learned there whole act from the ROCKBITCH chicks.At least the Rockbitches are hot I think impotent dudes were gay or something.Oh well just having a trip down short term memory lane and waiting for the Donnas concert at the milwaukee summer festival GuitarLord out.Sorry for not buying cds with feelings and such, I choose to rock and don't has much times for granola girls and lame accoustic music. Oh yea Alanis or Anal-less Moresaid sucked like Roseanne singing the national anthem at the big hoop game the other night.Besides how dare they have a CANANDAIN sing the anthem what gives let's send her granola loving ass back to the frosty north eh? Oh yea a shout out on suck to the fresh prince too. You sport nuts know what I is talking about or un less you guys love all that gay crap too.Whatever Rock with Devil. He has a killer Kiss record collection.

coming soon an expose' on A.C. an un politically band for polittically correct times.
a new Jello Biaffra rant and report.
Also a story on my recent bowel movement and my feelings on it.
And my adventures gardening with a great group of guys in Columbia(south America).

So Fart with passion Fart with conviction and Fart from the Heart.
~^~ ~^~

DirtyLilSecret66 55F

6/13/2005 4:09 pm

DAMN I miss the Aqua-Net daze.


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