Farts,When your nose is stuffy.  

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6/3/2005 3:04 am

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Farts,When your nose is stuffy.

When I look to the sky I fart.
When I call your name I fart.
WHen I put gas in the mower it will start.
When I love I use my heart.
When I go to the movie I fart.
I talk to my priest And then I fart.
Never to dull or quite smart.
I cross the street in my cart.
But never there to break your heart.
So I shall fart and fart I will.

Vader Reactionary Beat poet of the Ghetto.

GuitarLord managing editor and keeper of the secret of what women really want.

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This blog is dedicated to the lovers of scat films. You are truely the smelly bunch. Scat on!!


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