The bathroom talk?  

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12/1/2005 1:46 pm

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The bathroom talk?

Okay.. Maybe I was raised differently. But what is with this bathroom meetings ladies.. Seriously.. I watch this on TV and in real life. There is this code of female dating ethics or something! lol. Guys, if your are going on a date with two woman that spelled trouble. The whispers and the eye contacts and then the BATHROOM CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS. I think it is funny.
The reason it is funny to me: Hear me out.
Gentlemen don't go to the bathroom talk about females. We are really going to the bathroom. Even with my best drinking buddy, we laugh about how smash we are and are you taking her home or you need a cab.. but that is it!
also because the females goes to the bathroom to talk, the guys can sit back and drink a beer or wine and discuss about that person right at the TABLE. (not the bathroom)
Why this can't happen at the table when we are getting the next round of drinks or when we go to the bathroom.
I am not bitchin or complaining just curious when and how this started..
Okay I will not step on toes to the open and honest females. Because if the guy sucks at manners or it is not working out. You just speak your mind.. (polite or not polite way). That is communication. Right?

Today was a crazy at work.. happy to be home taking care of a sick cat.. (not feeling well at all. Hope the medicine help her situation soon)

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