Lil D part I  

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4/30/2006 6:33 am
Lil D part I

At times you need to give nick names.....

After a fun night we decided to hang out and keep the night going with some friends. Not knowing where we were going, we followed these new friends to there place in our car.
I turned on the road following.. I found this hand caressing the crouch of my black jeans. Glancing to see this set of beautiful sensual eyes staring at me while pressing harder and harder on my jeans. Trying to follow the car in front of me, I was personally turned on by her touch and her eyes.
I know that she noticed a large bugle in my jeans from her deep hard caressing. Asking her are you sure you are ready for this?... "Yes!", with no hesitation from her. I took my right hand and began to return the favor to her. With my two of my fingers, I started to caress her directly over an area when I figured at this point should slightly damp on her blue jeans. She rocks her hips forward in the car to allow a deeper feeling of my fingers caressing her. As I repeat to her "Do you like that? Do you like that?" with this deep seductive voice. "Yes, I do.. Yes baby I do".
Not even caring that I might lose track of the car in front of me, As I began to unbuckle her belt and jeans with one hand, she decided to help speed the process up. Rocking her hips forward again and with one foot on the console and her other leg firmly place on the floor,I took my same two fingers place them over a very, very wet pussy. Watching her reaction on her face made my cock throb inside my black *now stretched* jeans.
Caressing my two fingers deeper and deeper in her pussy, her breathing became in rhythm to my fingers pumping her wet pussy.
Now driving down the hwy with nothing to worry about sudden turns and stops, I motion her to undo my jeans. Caressing her swollen moisten clit, she takes her left hand to and helps me with my jeans.
Once my zipper was unzipped, rolling my jeans down was easy. My cock appeared as fast she rolled my jeans downward. Slowly I remove my wet fingers from her sweet pussy and place right hand back on the steering wheel. Under her breath, "Hmmm big black cock." Only having half of her hand grasping my shaft, she began to give my cock strong strokes to make it throb for her.
She begins to lean towards my waist and quickly noticed warm moisture surrounding my cock. Arching my back in the seat of the car, "Damn!" I shouted out. She expressed a deep interest in caressing the tip of my cock slowly. Each stroke of her tongue was followed with a nice tight stroke from her hand. Again and again she would repeat this process. Taking my right hand, I grabbed her hair slight pulling back to watch my cock disappear in her mouth with each stroke. My breathing would change to each angle she approached my cock. Pure sexually feeling is running through me. I pulled her head back to kiss her and mention to her that I want that wet pussy of hers. "Yea, you want it?" replied with her this seductive look. "Yes baby I do."
Giving a glance to make sure I was still following the car I need too, I licked my two fingers and began to penetrate her hot wet pussy again.
I curled one finger slightly up to caress underneath her clit. While the other finger would enjoy the dripping juices from deep inside her pussy.
More and more feeling her clit swell and her pussy come completely wet. This motion of my fingers began to my her arch her back into the car seat. Over and over again she moans with this pressure against her clit.
But the bad thing was that we were at our destination..
So we had to fasten our clothes and look like nothing has happen.
But at the same time, we were going to have a great time drinking so more.

As we leave out of the car we both looked at each other and without a sound.. We knew that we were not finished..

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