How?? When?? sheesh!  

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12/3/2005 3:25 am

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How?? When?? sheesh!

I said that I would take the weekend off from blogging but. I have this in my mind to get off my chest.

I understand a person's opinion and ideals. But maybe I need to give you my personality and views on life..
Reason because I am not *of color*

My 1st post was about a complex where I should not anyone at anytime any where.
My 4th post is about me!

I grew up from military base to military base. I never got a chance to have a great true friend until I was 12yrs. Before then I decide to use music to help me think and to collect my thoughts while my mother and father decided to do the Military career. (nothing against that)
Became a great person that collects information fast and response to what is in front of me. Meaning I am visual person. That is just a small part of me. I later became the guy to go to for helping in homework and solve some issues. Reason: I always tell you like it is but in a way that is constructive criticism. I will give you the other side of the foot to maybe see the reason of this issue that came up.
Later in life, I went on to Student Council government where they elected what the students want. Of course it was a popular contest at times but, I became a Vice president for my school 4times. Every year I was in High School. The President was this great girl that had her shit together could not beat hear.. Believe me I tried campaign strategy to defeat her but she was one step ahead of me. Always! GRRR!
Anyway through College I still continue with the help and strive to be the best I could be. Debate and Music classes. After 7 yrs! I finally got my degree. Main reason of the delay was that I taught in schools for the experience and job placement *I hoped*.
Music was my major. My major study was classical arrangements’ and performances. I was a bass trombone player.. *if you never hear of that, it is basically four types of trombones in it's family. Tenor(which we see normally every day), there is alto and soprano *which for WERID classical arrangements and for the heavy hitters*
Last the bass trombone. (kind of the Tuba of the trombones). enough about that. lol

I went out and audition for the National Philharmonic orchestra *in Washington dc* and audition for the Richmond and the Baltimore Orchestra. Never made them but the experience was priceless. With those disappointments, I went on to become a top 40 guitar player. Meaning Play anything that is on the radio to make money. This worked for me. I taught lessons and played up and down the east coast in a top 40 rock band.
Line up in back then was like
Richard Marx
Steve Wonder (superstition)
Chili Peppers
Aretha Franklin
old Alabama stuff
Mellencamp (john cougar)
you get the picture. I have slowed down quite a bit due to career move and relocations.

After all that reading how does race comes into the picture. My SATS was a 1320. I do everything like anyone else. I drive a truck and listen to everything that has a great beat on the radio.
But how it is that important?
When did it become that critical information that makes or breaks the grade?
With the days of old yes! Absolutely. The current way of things, life has turned to if you can a happy life on this planet!

With this last thought of this early morning about me and why I typed this.

One day we were driving down the road on I-10, coming home for the holidays. We saw a structure fire in the distance. My father quick got off the road and proceeded to this fire. It appeared that it just started. He yelled, "Is anyone in there!" again, "Is there anyone in there?"
He kicked the door down to double check. The house was a two story home. The fire had started in the up stairs area.
He was startled to find a man and woman holding each other in the back of their kitchen with their eyes closed. He mentions that they were praying. The couple was an older couple, in their 70's at least. He ran out and told me to find a coat or blanket and find a faucet to soak the item I found.
Blanket was in the trunk of the car and I soaked it with water..
He took the blanket and ran in the house to retrieve the older couple. Eventually he came out with the wife of the house, later the husband. Been married for 52yrs.. I remembered so clearly.
Finally fire and rescue came to the home, which was consumed by fire at this time.
The older couple was happy to be alive. Fire chief asked what happen and we told him. But the part that disturbed me. With a smirk from the Fire chief on the seen asked, "You didn't start it right?" He laughed and then slapped my father on his back.
I was shocked and confused.

Right then my father turned to me and said, "Do not ever judge anyone and never stop to think about color if you are going to help that individual or not in a time of need. That judging you are doing in your head is called, you are being selfish! That decision you make about that person will stereotype and shadow you without any remorse to you by others that witness this act."

Richard3637 58M

12/3/2005 6:28 am

I would like to say that race doesn't matter. Unfortunately I see that it does everyday. I have a roomate of color and his nephew i sstaying with me. His nephew is a good basketball players and is on the JV squad. However, his coach does not play him often. I've talked to him about it and he feels his coach is biased. I explain to him as nicely as I can that the coach may feel that winning is better accomplished with a different combination of skill sets that he has set up. In the back of my mind though I still have to wonder if the kid isn't right and the coach is biased. And to that possibility I have to explain to the child that bias still exists in this world and when faced with it his only recourse is to continue to do his best and improve so that when he moves to the varsity squad where the coach is not biased, his talents will be recognised and his chance will come. I should point out that few if any children of color play first team with the JV coach yet a number do play first team with the varsity coach. As I said it shouldn't matter but it does and in a relationship I would like to think such biases are a matter of preference similar to size, facial hair, big breasts, small breasts, but once again there will always be some true prejudice that rears it's ugly head. CripesI think I answered your blog with one of my own.

Gtrman247 45M

12/3/2005 8:29 am

Thank you for your response to my blog of the morning. I stand on my two feet about this. If I have any kids I will definitely teach them the same way my father did. Not to be blind about it, but to embrace it for the *society demon that it is*
But my philosophy in life is this:
I will always say hello/wave or even help you because you are a human being! And beliefs and all that other stuff did not come into play when I said HELLO to ya! Lol. And being in a city that is all about political spin, it is always masked (tensions) so no one feelings are hurt.. Hail the Political Correctness!

With the Roommates nephew, since I never did sports because my heart lied in music. I hope things work out. The key is your time will come to play and shine. But maybe with another coach or another organization.
I felt the same until my college professor told me to try out for the symphonies! Regardless of the statistics of color in the large popular symphonies! It is thought you tried and gained experience from it!

Again thanks for the response and happy holidays. And Hello! lol

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