"Hmmm, That sounds good!"  

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"Hmmm, That sounds good!"

Her door bells rings. It is me coming over to fix her washing machine. She claimed that is not working properly. I am hearing something downstairs in the basement, but let's see.
A winter cold chill must have traveled down her back, noticing slight swollen nipples through her morning shirt. Trying to keep my eyes focus to the task, finding the door and the stairs to the basement!
Heading to the basement, she pinches my butt. I turned to her and all she could do is smile and say, "What's wrong?" "Nothing." reply back to her. Reaching the last step to the basement, the washing machine was on and rocking back in forth violently.
Quickly I stated, "Whoa, whoa this is a problem. It is not balanced."
She turns me around and says, "I know, but I need some one or something to balance this." She had taking her morning shirt off and was left with only with her light grey thong on. "That... does not appear to be unbalance at all." softly spoken to her.
I approached her and picked her up, placing her on that rocking washing machine. Rips my button shirt off with one pull, her left hand unbuckled my belt. I finished off my taking my pants and shoes off as fast as possible.
Kissing hard and quick, as she grabs my head and shoved toward her. My shaft was out being caress with great vigor by her other hand. All of this was going so fast but so soft in our minds.
She pushes me back, leaning forward for my cock. Drowning her mouth around my cock, I could not stop the arching of my back toward her. Back and forth she swallowed my shaft as the washing machine rocks her side to side.
I pull her hair back for two reasons. One; to look at this at work of hers and Two; she looks stunning with her hair up! Over and over again, she slurps my shaft trying to taste every inch of me. Throbbing immensely, I pulled her head up and grab her hips rocking then forward to suck on her clit violently.
I could not stop this energy flowing through me. I stuck my tongue deep inside her. Nothing was not left behind as I would flicker my tongue over her clit time and time again!
With one loud moan from her, she grabs my hair lifting my head up toward her face. Grabs my hips thrust it forward and I slammed my cock inside her.
With both of her hands on my ass, she pushes me deeper and deeper inside her. Noticed that she was leaning back further and further to feel every sensual thrust. I could not believe the intense feeling I was getting from her.
Lifting her legs higher and higher, the moans and screams were louder and louder. She was not going to stop until she achieved total climax. No way was she going to change her position on this washing machine. She wanted this to be hard, fast and explosive.
The pressure of her nails begins to slowly dig into my ass with each stroke. And these strokes were not fast at all, just deep thrust with a slight pause in them.
I angled myself to deep thrust my shaft upon her clit. Ten and half of shaft was very sensual against her clit.
She motions me to go faster and faster inside her. Her nails are digging further and further into my skin, knowing her climax was near. I, myself was so close to explode due to her stunning body from head to toe.
"More and more," she cries. I am press harder and harder.
She releases a loud scream of "Oh, Yes!" She arches her back directly against the washing machine top. "Don't stop, don’t stop," she tell me as I still thrust with every sensual part of my body.
I notice a warm sensation of her orgasm dripping around my shaft and against my cleanly shaven balls.
This sensation drives me crazy. I am become more vocal with each stroke. I pull my cock out and to spray her vaginal lips with my juices, but she quickly hop off the washing machine to intake my shaft whole.
Feeling only her lips around cock, I could only drop my hands to my side and fill her mouth completely. Like a clock time piece, I shiver my body with each shot of my hot juices into her mouth. She pulls back and returns my climax all over my cock. She drenches my shaft and the floor below me exclusively.
She stands up and said to me, "I need a shower, care to join me?"

"Hmm.. that sound good," I replied.

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