Cyber SEX  

Gsk1to1 57
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6/7/2006 2:04 am
Cyber SEX

Yes its true its not for everyone,But i find SEXY CHAT OR AUDIO WITH CAM TO CAM AND USING YOUR IMAGINATION,it can get very intense,

letting your imagination run wild while someone talks to you or tells you what to do ( as long as that person is happy with this),but being honest with yourself and the person you are having fun with is very important,
This is where cyber sex falls down when the other person doesn't enter into the spirit of the thing, Some just like to read sexy text ,or listen to a voice ,cam to cam with one person using audio can be very intense,this can be a big turn on in its self, if your in the right frame of mind.
as they say some times there is nothing like a good book,and the right text can be very powerful

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