The Cherokee  

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5/10/2005 5:22 am

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The Cherokee

Earlier I arrived in Oklahoma. A sign said "Entering Cherokee Nation". I found that thought provoking.

The Cherokee ranged the estern mountains of the US for many generations, but then the US Government moved them out there. They traveled what is known now as the Trail of Tears. Many died along the trail and even more died after they arrived.

I thought about the fertility of the eastern mountains, the water, the flora and fauna, the abundance that the Cherokee had there. Then I looked at the environment they had been moved too and wondered how the Cherokee Nation survived at all. And I thought about how hollow that existence must have seemed after leaving their homes and loosing their loved ones.

I thought about how they had lost their homes and way of life. Then I though of my journey now, along the route of my ancient ancestors. I thought of the turmoil in my mind and heart. I thought of the tears I have shed and the pain I had been feeling. I am not so different from them today.

They were a courageous people. I am proud to have their blood running in me.

rm_Alnatak 64M

5/15/2005 8:37 am

In an ironic twist, many of the Cherokee in Oklahoma grew wealthy from OIL discovered on their tribal lands there. That must bring a tear to the eyes of Andrew Jackson's descendents!!

rm_Dbl16Out 63M

6/6/2005 7:25 am

I have Cherokee relatives in eastern OK and have worked with the Eastern Band here in NC; I must say I have been so impressed with the beauty and quality of Cherokee culture, both here and there. In OK, there is no "reservation", Cherokee are fully integrated into the eastern OK culture although many are located in and around Tahlequah. Here in NC, while the Eastern Band lives on Qualla Boundary; it's hardly a reservation. While Jackson's crime of forcing them out can never be corrected, at least they have thrived as a culture.

Levi445 57M

6/17/2005 3:04 pm

My name is Craig Thomas Leviner. According to "MY Earthly Father & Mother" I am 5/8% Cherokee Indian. A heritage for which I Love to proclaim. During my last years of being in the Military, I had the opportunity to seek on read of these atrocities that our Forefathers had to endure once the 'Whiteman', placed upon them along the "Trail of Tears." I've read all of the scrolls of Miller & the there was another man to wit he claimed more indians onto the Miller scrolls. Fortunately for me, my forefathers escaped and swam acrosss the "PEE DEE" river where they were adopted by a man Named Leviner.... If I could I could go on for hours but as I wish not to bore you with all this historical information I'll end by saying that our peoples were wronged far moree than any other race could ever have been. If you would like to discuss this matter in greater detail, drop me a few lines & who knows, maybe we might be able to get alittle deeper into it.

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