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4/16/2005 10:53 am

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Today is a beautiful day. The sun is out and the sky the shade of blue as it can only be in the Carolinas. Though Spring has come, the nip in the air reminds me that Winter has not quite released its hold yet. This was one of those magical places in the mountains that one must seek to find.

Today I paused along the path and watched the river meander down to the dam. There it rushed over, running creating spray and it's gentle whisper became a roar. I listened to the birds sing and the rustle of the trees as they spoke to each other. I wondered what message their rustling leaves had to give. What ever it was, it felt good.

I could feel Nature caressing me, soothing me, taking away the stress of a busy life and slowly filling me with peace. I slowly relaxed as the gentleness of the day matched my own. There was no time limit, no rush, so I slowly walked down the path, looking at the signs of life in the woodlands. The new flowers coming up and the buds on the trees told the story of their lives as they rushed to meet the warmth and longer days Nature had brought.

As I meandered slowly down the path I thought of cycles. The life cycles of the flowers, the trees, the animals. And I thought of my life cycles. Self examination brought the knowledge that no matter what I had done in the past, I had done my best. And that felt good.

As my spirit slowly blended with the energies of Nature all around me, I knew that I would leave this place better able to deal with my future.

I paused at the same place on the way out, watching the river, looking at the mountains. I smiled and nodded at a pair of young lovers as they walked hand in hand down the path. My love and I had done that. It was a beautiful place.

Then I turned and headed down the path...the path where my truck waited and the path to my future life. I knew I was more prepared now to meet it. On my way home, I gave thanks to Nature for all She had given me.

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