Daylight Savings Time  

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4/5/2006 8:00 pm

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Daylight Savings Time

Man I love daylight savings time. My whole neighborhood comes alive. Folks out walkin' and visitin'. Joggin' with the dog. Workin in the yard. All my neighbors got new mowers this year. The flowers the noise of the mowers and the smell of fresh cut grass and BBQ grills. Takes me back to bein' a kid. I refuse to be bummed. Don't know why (yes I do) I haven't really felt like going out much lately. Actually it's spring break and I am just so fuckin' busy with work and a teenage daughter that may not live long enough to drive. Anyway, I have two really good friends. Bubba and RayEarl (don't fuck with me about the missing space that's how he spells it). Yes they are real. Even I couldn't come up with something that crazy. When we all sit around with a 12 pak (each) they usually dispense some sage advice about life, love, and happiness in general. Sooo, I thought I would share some of those pearls of wisdom with you from time to time. Example:
1. Fellers gotta complement their woman from time to time. Let her know you are payin' attention to her. For example, tell her that your glad she's dressin' respectable like a woman her age should.
2. She wants me to put down the seat but she cain't put gas in the truck. Ran out the other evenin' when I was going bowlin'.

You get the idea.

Anyway, I have a great idea. I'm gonna open a Home Depot and put a strip joint in it. I mean it makes perfect sense to me. The guys are already there. Combine their two favorite places. Cake and Ice Cream.

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