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3/17/2006 10:22 pm

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It is 11:30 Fri night. I am out by MY pool with a fire going. My family in town has retired for the evening. My son is back from school. and my daughter is due back from her date any minute. We had a wonderful meal of steak and wine. Friends came over to celebrate with me and my family. Linger over a good meal. Good wine a fire. Funny stories about our past. All this while all yall were out fuckin' or at least tryin' to. I hope you got lucky. I sure did.
God has smiled on me. A nice big house, good friends and family. A good job that I acutally enjoy. Now the quiet. Just me, the fire, and a double espresso with sambuca. I just posted on the blogs of the two sexiest women in the universe (hi bi and Odds) and I am content. I mean I could die right now and be happy. Guess what. We are going to do it all again tomorrow night! I don't see my family very often. I have blown out all the stops. Tonite was a small intimate affair. Tomorrow is a full blown dinner party. A true feast. Southern hospitality at the apex. What does all this have to do with a sex and swingers site? Basicly not Jack Shit. Maybe I am just old. But happiness and TRUE contentment come from places other than your crotch. Although I do love that crotch action. I had offers to 'hook up' this weekend. I really hated to turn them down. I hope they understand. OOps the daughter child just got home. Be right back gotta check on her and say goodnight. Well, I am back. Am I just OLD. Coulda had some killer ass tonite. Turned it down to be here (Thong I hope you understand). Think I will put another log on the fire, go to the bar and mix me a drink and enjoy the afterglow. My NASCAR girlfriend came over with her husband. In different cars. She sent him home at 10:00. Guess what she wanted. She is a killer fuck but I sent her home. She'll be back tomorrow and Sunday and Monday. But tonite is for my two long distance 'lovers'. Odds, Bi, hope you are doing great tonite. Love both of ya. see ya

Next time


rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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3/17/2006 11:44 pm

Mine was good but not as good as yours.

Enjoy whats given to you.


bipolybabe 55F

3/18/2006 8:40 am

Sounds like a perfect evening. And thanks for your wishes for my safety. Does it seem to you like moving a little too fast to hook up with a woman who doesn't need or want monogamy and suggest it on the second date? I need a male perspective here. Thanks!


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