Seduction Advices & Lessons  

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2/16/2005 3:57 am

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Seduction Advices & Lessons

Got time to write something interstin' for Men !!

Read This try it, and tell me what you have as feedback.

Generating Powerful Pickup Lines
1. Find a woman that attracts you. Get near to her, but don’t say anything.
2. Stop the world… slow everything down… imagine the world is standing still… how do you
3. Notice all the details about her. Notice everything. How do you think she is feeling?
What do you think she is thinking about? Is she in a rush or relaxed? Is she bitter or is
she friendly? Is she tired or is she energetic? What is she looking at? What does her
posture tell you about her? What do her clothes tell you about her?
4. If she goes away, don’t worry about it. The exercise is what’s really important. Just find
another woman and do the same thing.
5. Whatever you see in her is what you will talk with her about. For instance, notice
something unique about her and comment,
· If she has a nice energy say, “I couldn’t help but notice, but you have a really
nice energy… it’s very attractive.”
· If she is wearing some unusual clothing that you are curious about ask her, “I’m
curious, where did you get that? I’ve never seen anything quite like it!”
· If she looks kind of glum say, “Hey I noticed you look kind of glum. What’s
6. Noticing something specific about HER is important because if you go up to her “cold”
and you say some standard pick up line, she’ll know you just wanted her for sex…
because you didn’t notice anything about HER.

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