Strip Club Story: Ich bin ein Berliner!  

Grossdichter 36M/37F
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7/16/2005 2:55 pm

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Strip Club Story: Ich bin ein Berliner!

We just went on our first trip as a couple to a strip club. It was quite an adventure: we drove out to Memphis (something we don't often do), got lost, bought some Krystal burgers, searched around, found ONE strip club, decided we didn't like the looks of it (and didn't know what the sign saying "Friday Nite: Switch Nite" entailed, exactly), then found a more attractive and upscale club we decided to venture into.

The rest of the evening is both a blur and also etched crystal-clear into my memory. So many lovely women and such variety! But we were hooked when the third or fourth dancer we watched took center stage. Tall, with not an ounce too much or too little of her deliciously shaped flesh, long streaked brunette hair, and patent leather stiletto heel thigh-high boots. She danced to a more hard-rock song than the previous girls, and with a lot more energy (despite the fact that it was after 4am). Her flexibility and sensuality were hypnotic. When she took the pole at the end of the stage, she defied the laws of gravity with all the skills of a yogi.

She disappeared quickly after her dance, but eventually le homme spotted her again. A cocktail waitress supplied us with the dancer's name: Berlin. La femme immediately set off in pursuit of the gorgeous creature who was still wearing those awesome boots, but now in conjunction with a very Moulin Rouge pink/black bra and panty ensemble. A private dance was promised ("after this song, i'm yours..." ) and supplied before any other song played.

The private dances were the stuff of dreams. The first dance went to la femme. Sultry and playful, Berlin decide before the dance that la femme needed a slight outfit adjustment, so took la femme's hair out of its ponytail, half-unbuttoned her Anne Taylor blouse, and hiked up her already-short pleated cordoroy skirt. Le homme watched captivated by deepest lust while the goddess in heels proceeded to ... (there aren't words!) After such a breath-taking show, a second dance for him was a must. He tried to restrain a bit and just find himself pleasured, but the body is more honest than the mind and soon his hands wandered the finest porcelain-cream skin imaginable. Her scent! It sticks with us even now.

If heaven is what we'd want heaven to be, we experienced a glimpse of it last night. If we'd gone into that gentlmen's club with a thousand dollars, Berlin would've been a thousand dollars richer. We almost regret that we didn't...

foreveryoung1304 32M/32F
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7/19/2005 2:28 pm

We have been thinking of going to a strip club are were quite pleased to see your political reference in such a sexual setting. Your experience was a bit hotter than President Kennedy's. Would love to discuss sex, philosophy and politics anytime. our three favorite topics.

Grossdichter 36M/37F
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7/19/2005 5:23 pm

We sent you a message before we checked our blog here; we're glad you had the opportunity to check us out further. Sex, philosophy, and politics are great, but I think sex, philosophy, and dinner are more peaceful. Maybe we'll get a chance to share all of the above.

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