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3/22/2006 3:34 pm

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L Q Q k a t M e , I S є є Y o u !

I remember back in the 80s when there was a new fad on college campuses: streaking. The college administration was quick to point out that public nudity is against the law and any student caught streaking will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Students streaked anyway.

The fad died out, or so it seemed. In the last few years there has been a resurgence of "streaking" in the form of nude demonstrations. A couple that have gotten a great deal of notoriety are the World Naked Bike Ride and Burning Man.

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) takes place once a year in major cities around the world. People come from all over to ride their bikes through tall buildings, famous landmarks and crowded public streets--stark ass naked. Why do they do this? It is primarily to bring attention to dwindling oil resources, the price-gouging petroleum industry and the public's insatiable demand for more gas consuming vehicles. They bring attention to themselves by getting naked in public.

Burning Man is a bit different. It is held in the Nevada desert and does cost a pretty penny to attend. Nonetheless, hundreds go to this event so they can strut around in the altogether. It's a bunch of young people caught in the high tech modern post-industrial world saying we've lost touch with nature and our own humanity. It makes great news stories. Reporters everywhere make mention of it and television news show clips of these crazy people running naked through the desert (carefully concealing the participants' privates).

All these events have one thing in common. There are people who want to exhibit themselves in front of others and everybody else willingly and voyeuristically obliges them for who can resist the temptation to look at a naked person in public?

The only place I know of where this type of behavior does not take place (at least not so openly and blatantly) are in naturist (nudist) resorts. "Naturists", as they like to be called, don't really care about voyeurism. After all, you look at cocks and vaginas, tits and asses all day long and they don't really have the shamefully clandestine significance that they did when everybody had clothes on. So what's to look at?

As a clothing challenged culture, we are forced by the very nature of our societies to hide and protect our most "personal" assets. Now we all go around wondering ever so intently what is under that skimpy thong Jessica Simpson is wearing and we lust to see firsthand the essence of manhood is under the pants of Brad Pitt. Notice how the tabloids sell like hotcakes when they reveal paparazzi photos of a nude Brad on his private terrace. Everybody wants to see Brad's weenie. We can't resist. It's too tempting because many of us are, deep down, voyeurs. We just don't want to admit it.

A similar condition holds for those WNBRs who say they want to protest the oil companies and world governments reluctance to spend more money to promote alternate sources of renewable fuels. There was a time not to long ago (like the early 80s) where people would get thrown into jail for doing something like that. But the exhiliration one feels from being naked and free in places like New York City, Seattle and London just not only gets one's blood running hot, there is also that hidden notion that seeing me naked will get people to notice me and perhaps think I'm brave or daring or sexy!

So, the next time you find yourself turning your head at overhearing the newscaster on the 10 o'clock news say, "a hang glider today flew gracefully over Central Park and came to a soft landing in Times Square to the shock of hundreds of horrified New Yorkers!" or it's 5am and the morning newspaper just plopped on the front steps as you step out of the shower to find it landed at the bottom of the steps and the urge to open the door and run naked down the steps and back in again because it's just "too much trouble to slip something on and I'm in a hurry!" admit to yourself your just really a closeted voyeur or exhibitionist like the rest of us. (Except, of course, those of us who already freely admit it and are exempt from these accusations.)

Happy streaking and oogling one and all!

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