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He loves to drink the flavors of the skin with his hands, gliding over every inch of this tender canopy. Color takes no precedence and whether it be soft or firm, youth or elder, he welcomes all to enjoy his sensual ability. He firmly caresses all places acquainted with Apollo's shining light and begins his soothing journey. There is a map of every flowing curve and shallow, smooth valley impressed upon his mind. He respectfully identifies and mentally catalogues each rich texture as he encounters them, taking special care to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. Through the intertwining of his firm, yet gentle knowing hands and the pliable carpet of a receptive, even inviting subject, they have embraced. He clasps mounds of delicate flesh, skillfully kneading the soft, supple tissue between both hands as if it were his own creation being molded into life from the yielding, procreant clays of the earth.

When he first yields passage into his serene world and lays his hands upon a new canvas of skin, all thought infecting worries harbored inside his guest immediately lose any significant urgency they once held. The imprisoned mind is unshackled and set free to indulge in a quiet comforting meditation. When an enlightened conscience is left free to ponder ones history and to rest, no longer laden with life's endless dilemmas; fears and anxieties seem to peacefully melt away. We no longer feel so overwhelmed and our thoughts begin to heal as we slip towards a profound relaxation.

As his hands traverse the fields of this garden of human textiles, the body's own energies tend to realign. We can commune with ourselves, constructively reflecting on our past in order to soundly consider our present state, hopefully bringing about a pleasant anticipation of our future and contemplating what is most important in our lives. This invites spiritual healing and we begin to find that all too elusive peace within ourselves.

A strange thing happens when he finally gets into the depths of ones soft tissue. He sometimes gets so deep that it seems he must be inside, beneath that live outer shell that protects the delicate systems of our bodies. This is when the tissues of the flesh truly begin to heal and recuperate. The old and stale are squeezed and manipulated out and new, crimson nectar is brought flowing back, refreshed and bringing life to all areas within. Knotted bundles of striations are tenderized and frozen, stiff interlocking calcium reservoirs become more flexible. Invasive toxins are pushed through a lymphatic queue to be obliterated in the end by the millions of inhabitants of the tiny nodes. In fact, there is not one system in the entire human body that does not benefit in some way from this man!

The person that I am describing sees himself as a friend, a healer, a companion, a father and a son, normal, and even not-so-normal. He values integrity and honesty and hopes to always live up to the standards that he has set for himself. This person wishes everyone good health and happiness and the freedom to live in harmony with a diverse world.

I am this person and I have been describing how I view myself as a professional massage therapist. The relationships that I have with people through massage are very personal - yet respectful, sensual - but not sexual, sometimes painful and always healing. I cannot cure cancer. I cannot bring a loved one back. I cannot fix everything wrong with someone's life. I can, however, offer my knowledge freely and contribute what I can to the mental, physical, and spiritual well being of family, friends, peers, and anyone who would ever need or want the comfort and assistance that I have to offer.

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4/19/2006 10:32 pm

I want u in the depth of my soft tissue! Soft pink tissue that is! I have plans for your table! So dont forget it, when u bring that sexy smile to me!

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