Why AFF?  

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6/11/2006 9:19 am

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Why AFF?

Why spend my time here on AdultFriendFinder?

I have pondered this for a bit, as I have learned the many aspects of this site.

I originally came here because I was a bit lonely, horny, bored and because I could.

I probably spend most my time here reading profiles. Not so much for the pictures, although a picture of the person who's profile you are reading is always appreciated. It doesn't even have to be sexual picture.
It is discovering that most people are not so very different after all. Sure there are some specific needs of many that have not been fulfilled and perhaps they are here in the hopes that they will be fulfilled if they just look long enough.

For me, I hope to meet a few naughty fun sexual women that also want to be friends. To share some of life's ups and downs as well as their sexual fantasies.
I'd love to meet someone that wants to become the second half of a couple and get into some of what appears to me to be a lot of fun.

I have also discovered the "Groups" and "Blogs".
It is these things that will most likely keep me here at this site.

Although I have only met one very special woman here, I hope to meet a few more. It's not so easy for me as I am 58. I don't feel 58, and live in a house with others that are in the 26-30 range and I fit right in. ( Although I do have more "Stuff" than they do).

It seems that the age thing is a big deal to most the women. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now is there. There don't seem to be many woman my age here for some reason. Most my age are part of a couple.

In conclusion for today, I will most likely stay a member of AdultFriendFinder at least for the time being, if only for the blogs and groups. And never know, a hottie might want to experience an older hippie some time.

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