My first one..:)  

GreenandBlueNY 47F
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8/7/2005 6:16 am

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My first one..:)

It is just another boring Sunday although this Sunday I dont have to work. I get to start a new job tomorrow and even though Im not really nervous, I do feel a bit edgy. I mean, I know all I need to know because Im staying within the same field, but its just the thought of new people, new place that is scary.
My b/f left yesterday to go back to Florida and wont be back for over a week. This whole thing for me has been a transformation. He will be in Florida permanently in September.
We had such an awesome week together. We talked about so many things and seem to have the future of all this set to where we both will be happy. It will be tough, but Im a tough chick.
I only got to cum once last week with him..well, not just once, several times, but only in one day. DAMN!! He got to cum on 2 occasions, I got jipped!!!


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SeekingLover4Wif 63M/66F

8/7/2005 7:16 am

Good Morning.

rm_blackhat1952 64M
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8/7/2005 8:36 am

Nothing is sweeter than a leaving love! Separation tends to cause us to want to get all the love and good times in before the departure! Enjoy!
Good luck with your new job! People are people! You may find your new best friend at work! Stay positive!

GreenandBlueNY 47F

8/7/2005 12:50 pm

There will still be many years of fun and happiness between him and I to come. Just miss his face, its so!! Thanks for the encouragement!! Im a bit nervous about tomorrow!!


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rm_himself1963 53M

12/1/2005 5:54 pm

where do you have your meets


1/13/2006 12:02 pm

What time at the Holiday Inn on Thurs??

DaveRojas 48M

9/24/2006 10:27 am

Hi, I am new to this Blog communication. I am in Hicksville, would be great to get to know you.

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