Is it a job? Is it a career? NO! It's "work"!!!  

GreenKnight1215 42M
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7/20/2006 7:25 pm
Is it a job? Is it a career? NO! It's "work"!!!

A "job" is something you do to earn money that isn't so bad.

A "career" is what you aspire to do for the rest of your life.

"Work" is when you wake up every day, hit snooze a half-dozen times, wander in a half-second before being late and do just enough to keep from getting fired.

Take a guess which one I'm doing now.

I've been looking for a new job for months. Noone's hiring in my field, thanks to Congress changing the applicable law last year. For the first time in 22 years, I might add.

One might ask why I dislike my current employment? Tune in later and find out!

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