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Laura’s nipples were sore from the alligator clamps for the next day or two, but, marvelously, her pussy survived Earlene’s fisting with no after effects. Probably because it was so quick, she thought. I came in only a few seconds. God, it was heavenly! What a girl! What a discovery! I can’t believe that sappy Rhonda could give up on her that way. She’d rather be in love with that insipid Stevie Archer than this treasure Earlene.

She was beginning to miss Inky too. It had been three days since she had spoken to Charise. Laura was feeling withdrawal pangs. And then Jane called her at work.

"I have to see you," Jane said.

"We got ourselves into deep trouble, Jane," Laura said softly. "We hurt your mother very badly."

"She won’t let me out. She’s grounded me. She’s done everything but lock me in the closet. Says if I see you again alone, she’ll have us both arrested."

"I guess it’s her right."

"Meanwhile, you fucking Inky like there’s no tomorrow, girl."

Laura blushed hotly, even though she was alone in her cubicle. "I . . . am not," she stammered.

"That ain’t what she says. She says you guys are in love and gonna get married."

There was a vicious satirical twist in Jane’s voice.

"Jane, be nice."

"I’m jealous. I never had no sex with no one like I had with you."

"I remember it was pretty good," Laura said, sadly, knowing she would not have it again.

"I could be there tonight, when you get home," Jane teased. "That is, if you ain’t fucking Inky’s little black ass again."

"We can’t, Jane."

"Mama has a date. She won’t be home until nine. She ain’t even gonna know."

Oh god! Laura thought. It was so tempting.

"We can’t," she repeated.

"I’ll see you anyway. I know you can’t say no."

Jane hung up.

She was right about Laura, too. Laura couldn’t say no to her. She was waiting for Laura outside her apartment when Laura got home. She was wearing very short shorts and a midriff blouse. Nearly naked.

"Surprised to see me?" she beamed.

"Jane . . . we can’t."

"Here, look at this pretty black ass," she said, posing, sticking it out for Laura. "Don’t you want to dig your fingers into it?"

Laura bit her lower lip. Jane’s body was breathtaking. Jane turned, saucily, and thrust her breasts out at Laura.

"Ooohh look! she teased. "You can see my boobs under this blouse." Quickly she pulled it up, then down. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her beautiful breasts were naked. "You better take me inside before somebody sees us," she said to Laura under her breath.

Laura was already so physically aroused that she felt like Jane right there in the hallway. Quickly, she opened the door to her apartment and they both slipped inside. Jane threw the deadbolt before Laura could even pocket her keys.

Laura could feel Jane’s warm breath on her cheek. Her very sensual mouth searched for Laura’s and found it, searing Laura’s lips with a hungry kiss.

"You know you want to take me in your bedroom and fuck my hot little black pussy," Jane murmured against Laura’s teeth. "My pussy is wet. It’s all wet from thinking of you licking it. Here, feel my titties." She grabbed Laura’s hands and pulled them up under her blouse, filling Laura’s palms with her naked breasts. "You want to suck them, don’t you. You want to lick them and suck and bite them, don’t you?"

"God, Jane, yes."

"We don’t care what anybody else says, we want to fuck each other," Jane panted, pulling Laura’s arm, dragging her in the direction of the bedroom.

Nothing in Laura could keep her from yielding. In the bedroom, Jane was out of her clothes in seconds, helping Laura shed hers. They fell on the bed naked, cooing and moaning, running their hands all over each other’s body.

"You remember how you put your finger in my booty last time?" Jane panted, so eager to be fucked that she was already on her back, holding her delectable breasts for Laura in both hands. "I want you to do it again. It made me come so hard. So hard. Ungghh!"

She groaned as Laura sucked one of her large, beautiful black nipples into her mouth. Laura couldn’t restrain herself. She had been tender and exploratory with Charise, and controlled and perverse with Earlene, but Jane just brought out the most fierce sexual desire in her. She devoured the beautiful teenager, holding both of Jane’s jutting young breasts in her hands and sucking Jane’s large, shiny, black nipples rapaciously, until Jane was moaning and twisting uncontrollably under her.

"Oh, fuck me, Laura, fuck me," she panted. "You know how to fuck me . . . please fuck me, now, please fuck me now. Oh, please!"

It didn’t weaken Laura’s lust any to realize that Jane had a paragon of a bottom, certainly the most beautiful she had ever seen along with Chanitra’s, and she did want to do everything Jane begged her to do. She pulled a pillow over to them and made Jane lie with her stomach on it, which elevated her peerless ass and her pussy too, which was glistening and puffy and inflamed. Then she retrieved the small tube of K-Y jelly she kept in her bedstand drawer for just such occasions, and carefully oiled one forefinger.

"Hurry up . . . you’re taking too long," Jane panted, looking back over her shoulder.

Laura set the tube on the bedstand and parted Jane’s firm, round asscheeks with the fingers of her free hand. At the same time she bent her head down and kissed the dark brown moons all over, loving Jane’s shockingly beautiful ass, kissing it and then biting chunks of hard flesh, which aroused Jane wildly. Laura could barely get her to stop churning her beautiful ass long enough to get the finger between her cheeks.

"Calm down, honey, calm down," she murmured.

"Want you to fuck me," Jane panted. "Want you to fuck me hard, in my ass. Fuck me hard, Laura. Ungghh!"

She groaned as Laura’s finger slipped into her ass. Jane was only sixteen, but she was already one of the most beautiful women Laura had ever been to bed with, and Laura was overpowered by thrilling lust for her. Jane moaned softly as Laura worked her finger in deep, rotating it, fucking Jane’s tight little anus with it, watching the girl’s delicious naked body flex and clench as the sensations became very intense.

"Ohhhh yes! Ohnnnnn yes yes!" Jane panted, swirling her ass up into Laura’s penetrating hand. "Ohhh . . . you’re fucking me now, yes. Oh Laura, do it harder! And suck my pussy. Oh Laura, I’m gonna come! Please, do it quick!"

God, I could fist her, Laura realized. She’s so far gone, so aroused, she wouldn’t even know it was happening until it was over. But she restrained herself. She had already done enough by getting Jane to this point in the first place.

What she did permit herself to do was insert her middle finger along with her forefinger into Jane’s ass. Jane groaned, looking back over her shoulder.

"Ohhnnn you bitch . . . you bitch! You’re fucking me hard, oh you’re fucking me too hard! Fuck me harder, Laura, do it harder, yes, like that! Oh yes, fuck my ass hard, oh god, I love it, I’m going to come!"

Laura knew she was telling the truth. She was caught in a delirious storm of lust, panting and groaning, pushing her ass back into Laura’s hand, quivering, clearly on the verge of a shattering climax. Laura wanted to eat her swollen, wet pussy too, but there was no convenient way to get her mouth on it from the way they were positioned. And so, knowing Jane was about to come, she slipped her other hand down to Jane’s pussy and rubbed it rapidly while her asshole with her fingers at the same time.

It took Jane only about fifteen seconds of this to make her come unbelievably. Red-eyed, desperately pumping and moaning, consumed with need, her flexing body shiny and filmed by a thin sheen of sweat, she made the bed shake with her violent rocking, and then came in a seizure of intense spasms.

"Awwonnnggg! Oh! Oh! Ungghhhhiieee!" she cried out, straining and coming and groaning as one spasm after another wrenched her.

Laura waited for the first wave to pass, then turned the still-moaning girl onto her back and slid between Jane’s thighs. She knew she could get her to come again, maybe several times. And since they would be unlikely ever to share a bed again after this, she was determined to shoot the moon with this beautiful girl.

She slid two fingers into Jane’s flooding pussy and turned her hand, pressing her fingertips against the forward wall of Jane’s tight channel, seeking, searching for the g-spot that would unleash a firestorm of orgasms so intense that the last one would seem like a pleasurable sneeze. Jane was still panting and sighing in the aftermath of her first climax and didn’t realize for a few seconds that Laura was still fucking her. But then her body began to take over, and she started undulating again, moaning, churning her hips, squeezing her own breasts.

"Oh god . . . Laura . . . you still fuckin’ me, unhhh! Oh! Oh god yes!" she whimpered, writhing and twisting, her eyes rolling up.

Still probing for the magic spot, Laura was again overcome by the beauty of Jane’s young naked body. She moved up to Jane’s breasts, squeezing them with her free hand, guiding one of Jane’s swollen black nipples into her mouth. Just as she began to suck it, she realized that her fingers had found the trigger. Jane’s body jerked, and quivered. She froze almost in mid-gyration.

Then she started coming in successive waves of spasms, writhing and shuddering, her breath caught in tight, soft, helpless squeals in the bottom of her throat. Laura was unable to control her own lust and completely ravished the gorgeous, climaxing girl, probing Jane’s pussy with her finger, bringing on a fresh, explosive orgasm every ten seconds or so, and squeezing Jane’s delicious young breasts and sucking her large black nipples sharply at the same time. Finally, Jane’s voice returned and she began moaning and whinnying in helpless seizures as each new orgasm wrenched her body.

Laura counted six completely separate climaxes before Jane’s body simply gave out, exhausted by the ordeal. The fire went out of her beautiful body, and she simply went slack, panting, still moaning, throbbing in the aftermath of a terrible bliss.

"Oh Jane . . . oh Jane," Laura cooed to her, "you’re so lovely . . . so beautiful. I can’t stand the thought of losing you."

Finally, Jane regained her wits. "How did you do that?" she asked, looking now more like a little girl than a young woman who had just had several orgasms in a row, without stopping. "You know how many times I came?"

Laura kissed her. "If you make me come just once, it’ll be worth it," she whispered.

In truth, bringing Jane to several orgasms had left Laura desperately horny. She knew the slightest touch would make her come. And even looking in Jane’s face, or caressing her beautiful young breasts, as she was still doing, was nearly enough to make her spill over.

A flicker of lust reawakened it Jane’s dark eyes. She smiled. "I don’t know how to do that, but I can sure make you come once," she said smokily, pulling Laura down on top of her, then rolling over so that she was on top.

"Oh!" Laura gasped, wincing in acute sexual need. "Oh god, Jane, I need it! Oh god, do me quick!"

"Mmmm, what if I don’t want to?" Jane purred. "What if I want to lick you all over your pretty white body first."

"Oh god . . . Jane!" Laura panted. "Please!"

"Beg me, Laura."

Jane slid down, fondling and sucking Laura’s breasts. Laura went mad.

"Unhhh! Unhhhh!"

"Beg me, Laura."

Jane slipped lower. Her tongue flickered against Laura’s swollen, flaming pussy. Laura groaned. Her hips shuddered desperately.

"Ahhnnnggg! Oh . . . god yes . . . I—"

"Laura, you’re going to come right now," Jane exclaimed, surprised.

But Laura wasn’t surprised. A devouring orgasm suddenly spread throughout her body, filling her veins with honeyfire as fierce explosions took place inside her pussy. It was a fierce, almost unbearable throbbing of hot bliss, a deep, protracted orgasm that lasted many seconds and left Laura gasping, whimpering helplessly, and finally panting as Jane embraced and kissed her.

"Oooohh, you really came hard," Jane said, wide-eyed. "Not as many times as me, but really hard."

"I . . . know," Laura smiled wanly. "Jane, it was beautiful."

"I wish I could make you come eight times."

Laura, for her part, didn’t know if she would climax again for days after this one. Her body felt wrung out and wrecked. She caressed Jane’s cheek.

"I don’t know what I’ll do when you move away."

"Simple," Jane said, devilishly. "You’ll start bopping Inky in her fine little black ass like you do me, and everything'll be fine. You’ll forget about me right away."

Laura made a long face. "I only do it because your ass is so beautiful."

"More than hers?"

Laura nodded. "More than anybody’s."

Jane squinted, almost laughing. "You know, several people have told me that."

"I’ll never forget you," Laura said, becoming maudlin.

"You won’t have to," Jane smiled in her most fetching, crinkle-nosed smile. "You don’t think I’m going to give this up, do you? No dude every bopped me the way you do. Eight times? Girl, forget it. My Mama may move us out the building, but I know the way back."

Laura smiled uncomfortably. She didn’t want to give up Jane. But she also didn’t want to cause more trouble with Kendra. And she didn’t exactly relish giving up Kendra either.

"Speaking of," Jane said, glancing at Laura’s bed-side clock. "I better get back upstairs before she gets home."

Laura nodded, and they both pulled their clothes back on. At the door, Jane kissed her sensually. Laura felt a sharp sense of loss. Jane might make it back, and she might not.

"When you kiss me like that, it almost makes me come again," Jane breathed, eyes glassy.

"I know, me too."

"I’ll be back, Laura."

"I hope so. Call first."

"You bitch. You’ll be fucking somebody else before I even get to our new apartment."

She smiled sassily at Laura and then waved from the elevator.

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