What a standard member missed  

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4/17/2006 7:55 pm

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What a standard member missed

Dearest________ I see you dropped by for a look, but you left only a trace of your passing, not even a wink. The wink is trite to some, a beacon of hope to others, but it speaks volumes sometimes too, despite the lack of words...

As a standard member you can’t initiate conversation, nor read profiles, so I’ve enclosed my profile for you to look over.

I dropped by myself, several days ago ‒ your photo is alluring to say the least ‒ and thought about how I might approach you. I don’t know if you’ve read my blog or not ‒ if not, it’s one good place to get a measure of my personality.

I thought finally of sending my complete profile, and let you see for yourself if there’s an interest there. I’m pleased to see a lack of red x’s on my side of the board and yours, and would like to say simply you’ve piqued my interest, and I would be pleased to correspond with you.

Even the stars are aligned! Ha!

I’m always impressed by the sheer volume of e-mail most women on AdultFriendFinder are inundated with, but according to my friends, most are Neanderthal-like and quickly discarded. So, hopefully, the odds are not all that bad to break through the clutter.

Great play comes from the mind, after all, and that’s where I like to start.
Kindest regards

My profile:
I'm kind, kinky, creative, artistic, imaginative, thoughtful and open-minded; with a great sense of the erotic...I'm good with my hands... an accomplished, experienced man with an almost ethereal ability to find what really turns my partner on.

If we're physically and emotionally compatible, we'll have a fabulous time together…

…Looking for someone who is creative, sensual and open-minded, with a great imagination and a desire for erotic pleasure and fulfillment.
What I am seeking is complicity ‒ a partner who understands me at such a deep level of complicity that we are free to explore new things together, without judgment - with the knowledge that new things take time to digest, and must be explored in a safe, honest way.
I seek, and give permission to explore and live those parts of ourselves that are different, that make us unique, and that keep us out of the box of sameness.

> After many years of having this very basic need stifled, I seek a fellow traveler to share parts of what is a Life Journey for me ‒ someone to honour, and share food and thought, the heights of passion and the depths of sorrow ‒ these are all things that make life worth living.

Now is that worth answering? Too sincere? Not enough excitement? It's hard to know, really, what other people are looking for; but this is what I've set my sights on. I want more, not less; someone who finds reading between the lines fascinating, not a chore; willing to stretch their boundaries and try something new, not settle for the obvious and the mundane.
You've got to be out there somewhere! Take a chance, wink at me and start the conversation!

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