Setting the record straight  

Greathands54 62M
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4/15/2006 8:54 pm
Setting the record straight

Well I gather the fact that I'm attached is keeping you away, which saddens me a great deal. Despite my earlier post, no one's making my heart go was a riff on the letters I send trying to catch this or that person’s attention. Letters which are falling on deaf ears it would seem, or into the laps of internet-fakers trying to make a buck out of gullible, horny ol' men.

There must be some kind of new internet business going on, all these young women who have web sites and get paid by getting people to join, who then simply disappear...AdultFriendFinder and alt are full of them these days (sigh)...I guess it’s time to grow up and swear off anyone under 35.

I'm beginning to feel I am fated to spend the next ten years living in this unfulfilling relationship - when I'm ready to leave my kids, or it would probably be more accurate to say, when my kids are old enough to leave me, I'll be going on sixty, too damn old to live the things I want to live now.

I'm a sweetie ‒ I really am - living the results of an infatuation years ago that's resulted in three wonderful kids, and a nice partner I'm not in love with. What can I say?

Three years ago on Valentine's Day I asked her to marry me, and she said no, but never explained. One more thing she holds back from me, another chapter of her inner life that I’ll never be a part of. A little switch went off in my head that day - a switch that's not likely to come back on.

I've been rather guardedly involved in this relationship ever since, staying because I'm afraid to leave I suppose, but my true soul mate is out there somewhere, living her life with someone else.

I've managed to have one incredible tryst since that time. Eight months of sexual bliss I keep trying to recapture with someone else. (Read some of my blogs to find out why...)

I'm glad you liked my blog, all the same. It's my outlet, my way of expressing all these feelings I have inside. I must be feeling a little melancholy tonight, just finished another little trip down some cutie’s dead-end street, lured there by some flashing lights and sweet promises.

I’ll be more entertaining tomorrow.

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