Negotiating a first 3some  

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3/10/2006 10:17 am

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Negotiating a first 3some

It was all I could do not to touch your lips with mine, to taste for myself the
physical reality of the intense arousal that filled the space around us. I
held your hand - a precursor, an extended invitation - and felt the pulse of
your want through your silky to the touch, strong, sinuous, expressive, gliding...a dancer's hands, in my way of seeing things.

I kissed your cheek, twice (I am from Montreal after all...) and drank in what I could,
and felt my heart pound with desire...I would dive in my dear, rip off my
clothes (and yours!) and immerse myself in the clear blue waters of your
sensuality...drown if I want to, knowing I can breathe again tomorrow...

There's always a risk in moving from virtual to real - add body language to the printed
page and suddenly the between-the-lines becomes reality. You hope, anyway. The delicate art of negotiation...listening, learning, and watching, speaking...and when the connection is made, and trust is earned, even if superficially, the
search for points of common interest truly begins. What a joy to feel that immediate warmth of first acceptance...I like what I see, and hear, I feel you do too...where do we go from here?
A growing sense of impending complicity,
revealing snippets of our erotic selves... furtive looks turned bold, and direct, eye to eye...searching intently, filled with want...filled with lust too, I can see it, flames dancing in pupils grown wide.

I watched your whole being go limp suddenly as fingers traced your lovely neck, a
practiced, familiar Journey in sure hands...watched your red mane entwined in
strong fingers and felt you exalt in the intention of his touch. I sat there transfixed, and forewarned, as memories of my own recent past came rushing up out of the depths...wind rushing past my ears, filled with a longing that made
me want to scream out with addiction apparent in slack jaw and curling fists... unfulfilled...but with a promise to meet again...

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