I'm giving up sex!  

Greathands54 62M
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4/2/2006 6:36 pm
I'm giving up sex!

I’m giving up sex! Oh yes, absolutely! It’s the eunuch’s life for me!

No more tugging and pulling and fitting strange little devices… no more furtive length and girth comparisons in the locker room, or right here online…or hiding my hard-on as some cutie walks by…no more tough decisions…should I dress to the right or the left?

Who needs that damn thing hanging between my legs…I’m done with it, yessir…anyone need a (more than slightly) used penis?

After lots of introspection, and navel-gazing too (no more penis-gazing for me!) I’ve decided this must be the source of my distress… It’s his fault I’m sure - wired directly to my sensual imagination as he is…

All those years of trying to satisfy my penis’ outrageous demands...what do you mean you want more sex? Oh and only with lithe dancers, and women with nice bottoms…what’s with you?

I’ll be happy again with my vanilla life… away with that crazy alt. stuff! Just park that ‘ol penis, just ignore the damn thing, cut the grass, paint the house…what could be better than this?

Just think ‒ soon I’ll be able to read magazines again, for the articles… or Popular Mechanics (gee how long has it been since I read THAT magazine?)

No more explaining why I like CBT (well, yes, I’m a Dom ‒ I just like it…really…

No more shopping for cock jewelry, and then hiding the damn stuff in my sock drawer.

Yessir, life will be much simpler without all that sex…

No more surfing, and looking, and chatting for me…my penis will be just a museum piece. Just wash it once daily and pick off the lint… no stroking, or yanking… hey stop touching that thing!

Yessir, it’s the eunuch’s life for me!

Um…where do I sign up anyway? Does it cost anything? Is there a storage charge…hey stop moving around down there…it’s over! I mean it!

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