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4/3/2006 8:12 pm

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Desire ME.

Desire is such a complicated emotion. And yet, desire is so elemental, it astonishes me how it gets tossed aside or shelved in a long-term relationship, overtaken by the mundane and routine.

My greatest fantasy these days is to be desired, as a man.

As a virile, lusty, male-of-the-species, capable of such feats of sexual prowesss and sensuality that my partner would do anything to have me.

Not as a walking wallet, or a provider, maker of meals, painter, driver, or even calm listener with broad shoulders to cry on. As important as they are, all these things make me feel as though I'm being taken for granted.

I’ve been desired as a good father, and provider - still am actually - but that doesn’t get my heart racing anymore. That sort of desire is like settling down to a good book by the fire on some Saturday night.

I’d rather be dancing to some throbbing latin beat, watching my partner’s lithe body undulate under some dim lights, knowing full well I’ll soon get to see what’s under that little black dress - some lacy, racy little something she’s bought just to tease me…

It’s often like that in the first blush of meeting someone new. The thrill of discovery, new clothes, new scents, new habits… Desire and hormones raging, two people trying to cram a million discoveries into every new hour spent together.

Dress for me, knowing just what attracts my attention - as a man.
Act provocatively to catch my eye, and set my libido racing.

I don’t desire some hot, expensive car anymore; there are too many other things to pay for… That’s a change from my younger days. I don’t lust after some hot trendy condo, although a place in the country or on some island down south would certainly set my heart aflutter.

I’m here now because I’ve got my heart set on desire, with a capital D. Heart-pounding, raging hard-on, weak in the knees desire. I’m impatient with anything less.

Why are you here? What do you want? I get asked that all the time ‒ don’t we all?

The asnwer is I want to be desired ‒ just like you.

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