Oh well....  

GreatScott78 38M
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6/9/2006 10:07 pm
Oh well....

Well since becoming a member on Passion.com. I am astounded of how many members post their chest or cocks on here. Well a cock is a cock and it just amazes me what women are looking for. BIG BIG BIG cocks. I have to admit, I have a 5" cock when it is nice and hard, however women are asking for 8" or more. I don't think that stereotyping is a good thing howver these women are missing out some great guys. Come to think of it, this person might be a friend for the rest of your life. I am not really TOO selective when it comes to women, so it doesn't bother me what her body is or how big the breasts are or how beautifully is her pussy. Having sex with people is a different experience everytime. I feel it is not how big it is, it is how people do with it and how they please someone that makes it special. The touch of a woman in her 20's is different than the one in the 40's. The one in her 20's seem to let it come to mind, well it depends on the experience. The woman in her 40's is more gentle, understand and more sexually secure. Well these are in my opinons. Will i find a woman on here? Well I am not going to give up and contact women that I feel can make a good friend and let me go through a journey with them. I rather be real and accept myself so what you see is what you get. If women want to get to my cock, they would have to exlplore my body and open the present. I wonder who is going to get to it first.

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