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11/24/2005 9:34 am

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Alright, well it looks like it's time for another day of family and friends coming over to ruin my long weekend. don't get me wrong I enjoy seeing some of them, some of the time. My guess is the turkey won't be done, and the dogs will destroy the house, but hey, it's family right? I've never been much of a blogger, but thought that it would be fun and easy to do. This way I can complain about people, and no one that I know will be reading this
Now on to some fun things.. maybe someone will read this and reply. I've sent a dozen e-mails to women on this site that I was interested in getting to know.. ya know, hoping to hear back from them and start conversations. But so far I have only heard back from one girl, and later on I found out that she has a boyfriend but forgot to mention it, granted, she seems fun to talk to, I'd be interested to know why no one has written back, or what I'm doing wrong. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all.

rm_lickmepretty 51F
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11/24/2005 9:54 am

Hi, welcome to blog!

Are you aware there is a new group created for bloggers and their readership to meet and frolic in the chat room? (A place for serious discussion as well)

A group where interesting blog posts will be “spot-lighted” along with the links of how to get there. A place where new kids on the block can actually get seen as well as the predominant “hierarchy”.

A place where ideas can flow--from suggested blog topics, to writing "critiques", to directions on how to better use the elements of color, photos, and font style/size to make your blog more eye appealing; as well as instructions on how to better use linking to other posts.

A place where writers (non-bloggers as well) who are interested in “creative” writing to post some of their works; as well as joining in on some of our “creative writing games” as well.

Being that this is an adult site, we will also have a group post running where writers and their followers can indicate where they're from so maybe you might actually be able to meet some folk "local" to you.

Flirtatious banter is encouraged--crude obscene assaults will not be tolerated and are subject to deletion.

So...Stop in and have a little fun over your cup o' joe!

Here is a link to the group Blog Cafe, look forward to meeting you there!

sleeplessknight1 68M

11/24/2005 11:32 am

My Home Page [post 135712]

Hi Gr8

Hope the turkey gets cooked........
hope yu got a back up... tuna sandwiches... lol
have a good one..


Hope you have fun in the land of Blog.
You arrived just in time for Thanksgiving,
so have a great one....

There is a bloggers group on here,
if you are interested. Its a forum for any blogging
problems. I found it very helpful, as this was the first
time I had opened a Blog.
- See the link here bloggers of this friendly site, its been around since
blogs were set up on this site....
and they are a great bunch of people.... great blogs and
a great sense of fun and humour.

Have fun.

Theres lots of great stuff on here.....

Take care.

My Home Page [post 135712]

Gr8Tongue1980 36M
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11/24/2005 11:57 am

Sleepless - thanks for the info, I'll have to check that link out and maybe snoop around a little.. I do have a couple of backups... frozen pizza, and the best yet.. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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