From dance to gothic trance.  

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2/21/2006 7:37 am

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From dance to gothic trance.

I couldn't believe my luck last night, just as I was walking into a nightclub who should I happen to see but the two girls from Darksied! I thought they were just gonna walk by but know, they grabbed an arm each and told me that I was going with them! 'Woohoo' was the only thought through my head.

So being dragged off by two gothic chicks down an alleyway may not be everyone's ideal pleasure but god, did I have the time of my life round their house. I have never felt so drained before!

I would advise all men to allow themselves to be pleasured by a woman whilst tied to a rack or execution table, it is both desturbing and arousing. I've never understood how people enjoy being whipped before but now I know.

Well, after my little rant about gothic lolitas doing there thing I can now finish by adding a little picture for you all.

Gozzbot 29M
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2/21/2006 9:55 am

Well, you always sound like you enjoy yourself when reading your posts! lol.

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2/21/2006 10:55 pm

ya know... i have my slight connections to the goth world that i often refuse to admit to... but when i was part of the world i was known as a "perky goth" which means i loved the goth guys but always tried to make em laugh cause of how entertaining it is to watch people so dedicated and drawn to angst smile... anyway the point is... you'd be hella shocked at just how fuckin sexy the goth side of things can get... and the truth is, alot of em dont know it, but the only true way to get a goth to let their passion flow is to make them drop their inhibitions through their sexual expression... my suggestion: if that turned you on, keep goin! they have alot more to show you, and trust me it turns them on possibly more at the fact that you enjoy it so...

in my opinion of all the eleitist cultures out there, goth is one of the only truely respectable and flat out sexy ones! ** giggles ** and my position in their community is as a poser who advertises her poserness or somethin like that

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