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11/11/2005 7:51 am

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The Language

One of my instructors from trade school, who played in a band on the week ends, once commented that "Music is the language of the soul." That statement had one of the most profound impacts of my life, and it changed the direction in which I grew to be a man.

At the time I was rather reactionary about my music. "Heavy metal is the only real music, everything else is crap," while denying to myself how much I enjoyed the Enya piece playing in the background of some commercial. Man, was I angry when I was young!

Music really is the language of the soul, communicating emotion empathetically. All that heavy metal/hard rock (which I still enjoy) was a great way to express my aggression and anger, but when I opened my ears I was able to welcome a whole range of emotion and balance of being.

I had always loved classical, just never admitted it to myself. I had very much enjoyed the alternative music that was becoming very popular, I just wouldn't admit it. I never liked modern country, though. It doesn't make me feel a damn thing, not even irritated that it's on.

Now I can't live without music. I live and breathe it, and when I'm not listening to music, I hear it in my mind. All the time I'm hearing music, and I wouldn't want to live any other way.

It doesn't even have to have lyrics. A song can affect different people the same way even if they don't understand the language being sung, or if it's an instrumental piece. Even without clear lyrics, it's amazing how powerful music can be (to me, good lyrics are just gravy- they are my last priority in a song) and how much it can communicate purely empathetically.

I think my greatest love of music is to totally give into a song and let it's mood/emotion supersede my own, then let myself ride on the emotional wave. "Emotional Surfing", I guess, heh.

The language of the soul. Powerful statement.

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