The Kiss  

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10/23/2005 4:17 pm

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The Kiss

Who loves to kiss? I mean, really loves kissing.

Okay, who likes kissing?

Who hates it?

To be honest, what I look forward to as much as sex is kissing. I've been thinking about that as I've been looking over the site, and most talk is about the main event, so to speak. And most of it seems rather formulaic. A Mad-Libs of sex with "I like to lick (noun) while (phrase)."

Sure, we're all here (95% or so, anyway) for the main event. But how good can it be if you're not comfortable being around the other person? And less importantly, but still important to me, if you don't really like the person? At the very least the two of you are giving up precious time to be with each other, so the time spent around sex should be enjoyable. No shit stuff here, but I wanted to lay that foundation before moving on.

When the two of you get to be alone together, you usually kiss. It's actually rare to skip to the other stuff. But that kissing serves the same function as the meeting earlier, except it is for lustful expression. You're establishing at least physical intimacy, and possibly varying degrees of emotional.

It's a sexual litmus test of each other, but, it's also communication. Kissing/making out is very much the language of body, and it's wonderful. I love it. It's how I drink in a woman, how I learn her sensual sensitivities and responses. Smelling her, teasing her by hovering on her lips but not kissing, tongue caressing tongue. Flicking the tongue while running a hand along her back/arm/thigh/ass/wrist/jaw/neck/etc... Tasting her lower lip/neck/throat/ear/shoulder/etc... Feeling her breasts press against my chest, her crotch rubbing on my thigh. I LOVE IT!!! And it's just as important as sex.

Of course there's also a concentration of pheromones in the mouth second only to the genitals that triggers the brain into heightened arousal (which I also love).

It all snowballs, and the journey is just as wonderful as the finish line. If I just wanna get my rocks off, I have my hand and my imagination. But, if I take the time to be with someone, I really want a sensual ride to share with that person and get to know their body's "sensual dialect", shall we say.

What do you all think? Am I nuts here or does anyone else really look forward to the step where you get hot and heavy?

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