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10/18/2005 1:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Beat

I saw that comercial with Shakira, you know, the cell phone one. The music was great, so I got the album. I get good music stuck in my mind very easily, and I just have to have it.

I can't stop listening to the track that was in the comercial, "La Tortura". Actually, it's the Shaketon Remix off of the single, but the BEAT.

I was actually born in Brazil, not any of the Spanish-speaking Latin countries, but my God, it still moves me. The rhythm is conrolling my heartbeat. Her sultry voice is controlling me. I am her expertly manipulated marrionette as my body moves to her words (which I have no idea what she's singing).

I have got to stop putting off learning how to dance salsa. I don't dance very well, but Salsa very much piques my interest. Watching the dancers makes me feel how I feel right now, listening to this song.

My long dormant Brazilian blood is finally awakening.

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