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Loving Memory

I admire the curves of your voluptuous body as on hand and knees you light the candle on the nightstand. Your verdant, silken camisole set draped over your back and ass slide over your skin and beautifully accent every subtle movement of your feminine form. Facing me, your mouth and almandine eyes smile at me through the long curls of your brunette hair. You shuffle slowly on your knees to the edge of the bed where I stand. The soft scent of vanilla follows you.

Seeking a passionate kiss you press your body against mine. Vanilla. You lean against me and wrap your arms around my neck. I deny you the passion. I pull back a little and give you a soft peck on the lower lip instead. You pout while giving a little moan of disappointment, but I don’t let you suffer long. The following kisses are still chaste, but longer and gradually brushing more and more of your lips. You try again and again to coerce me to open my mouth along with yours, to taste me, but I do not acquiesce.

My fingertips dance over your back as I slightly part my mouth, my tongue darting to yours before I abruptly end the kiss. I tease you with many such brief kisses. Your sumptuous breasts push against my chest as your breaths become increasingly deeper. Eventually I give you just one, unending kiss, savoring your taste as I drink you in. The sweet scent of you mixed with vanilla fills my nostrils. My hands idly wander over your back, your legs and your cherry bottom. I vary between caressing the silk and your alabaster skin, the two so alike in their soft texture.

Taking a firm hold of your head in one hand, I run my other up your leg and under the silk, pressing your waist to mine. I slowly peal my lips from yours, pivoting on our chins. I hover my mouth over yours and whisper almost inaudibly, “Can you breathe?” Your lower lip trembles like a leaf as you realize you can’t, not without me. Lips barely touching yours I wait, letting your ache grow until your paralyzed body is quivering. As I finally press my open mouth and tongue into you, I rake my fingers down your neck and back. You gasp. Your hips convulse. Your back arches. I love that you cum so easily, feeding me yet increasing my hunger. My open mouth devours your delicious whimpers of pleasure.

You try to lay back and pull me down on top of you, but I will not go. I weave light fingertips through your locks and tenderly message the back of your head as I kiss you deeply, but slowly now. My other hand resumes wandering and caressing, but this time in front of you. I relish in touching your hips, the front of your leg, the inside of your thighs, your belly. I keep teasing you by riding a single finger up the inside of your thigh, leading you to believe I’ll finally touch your throbbing pussy. I don’t, of course. Every time I stop short and veer off, I smile as you shake, your breath catches, and you struggle to keep upright so your lips do not part from mine.

I pull back your head gently kissing, nibbling, and licking down your neck onto your shoulder. I bite. Again, your body is wracked with convulsions as my teeth clamp onto your “cum button”. You are now thoroughly mine. I spin you around. I start biting your neck and throat. Not gently. Your head rests on my shoulder, one hand clutching my hair, the other joining mine as together we fondle and squeeze your large breasts. My other hand, however, is gently rubbing over the treasure between your legs. You are so wet that my hand slides smoothly between your thighs. The slightest pressure causes your lips to open, almost as if your pussy were exerting its own desire to be penetrated.

I move my mouth to yours and with two fingers quickly tap your pussy. Our tongues do not miss a step in their passionate dance as your body rocks from the burst of pleasure. I do it again, but this time you press your ass against my hard cock. You grind slowly as I give in to my desire to feel your warm wetness around my fingers. My two middle fingers glide easily between your lips, but not in. Not yet. I savor the wetness sliding under my hand as with each pass I come closer to penetrating you.

I’m so hard my cock hurts. I can feel every twitch of my pulse as you keep grinding into me. With each stroke, my hand runs its entire length from wrist to fingertip over your clit again and again and again. Our kisses increase in ferocity when I suddenly slip my two fingers into you. Your breath catches sharply and you start riding my hand. I keep pushing my cock against your gyrating ass. Both your arms wrap around my head as you tilt back and moan sweetly into the air, chest heaving.

Licking and nibbling your ear lobe, I whisper how wonderfully slick your pussy is, like warm, wet velvet. How much I love the feeling of it sliding around my fingers. How much I love to press my palm into your clit. The feeling of your rough little G-spot on my fingertips as they curl up inside you. Sucking on your ear, I hold a quick pace of sliding my palm over your groin while my fingers curl in and out of your pussy until you cum yet again.

“Give me your cock,” you plead, sliding down onto the bed and lying on your back. I still hurt, you have me so turned on. I help you get my underwear off. Your fingers tracing my shaft as I rub the tip around your lips, teasing you. You kiss the tip. You lick the tip. You run your tongue along the length. Tilting your head back, sanguine lips part to accept me. Your hands resting on my hips pull me in you. You take it all as my cock slides in silently and easily. I lick and suck your juices off my fingers as your hands guide me to gently fuck your throat.

With the taste of your sweet juices gracing my tongue, it doesn’t take long for my hunger to overcome me. Without leaving your mouth, I crawl up onto the bed and deftly slide your panties off. You quickly part your legs wide in anticipation, moaning as you continue to guide my hips, moving me in and out through your lips. I stay the urge to greedily lick and suck on the ambrosia between your thighs. Instead, I take my time and enjoy running my tongue and lips over everything in and around your pussy: your outer lips, inner thigh, inner lips, and the sensitive clit. I can’t get enough of your taste. I shove my tongue in as far as it can go and begin tongue fucking you while your head bobs up and down the shaft of my cock. I drink in every sweet moan.

Time melts away, the two of us hungrily pleasuring each other. Eventually, you can’t cum without having to push me out of you. You beg. You beg me to fuck you. “No,” I coldly reply. I ache for it too, GOD how I ache, but I can’t let you just have it. I need to feed more. I need to tease you more. I continue to suck and lick your delicious pussy, almost oblivious to your tongue and lips returning to my cock.

You start begging again, but this time I move to give you what you want. Our mouths lock again as I easily push myself into you. Only one gentle thrust and I’m gliding in you smoothly, and then I just start pounding. You hold me tight and keep your legs parted as I mercilessly drill into you. Your eyes seal tight. Your every exhale a tortured plea for release.

My panting burns my lungs, but I don’t slow down, I can’t slow down. Your velvety warm pussy feels so good I can’t relent. You’ve made me into a mindless, thrusting beast. Your nails dig into my back. I barely feel it, as I grow numb to everything except the hot bliss consuming my loins. My body starts to seize. You know immediately what it means. “Yes, yes, cum in me,” you breathe.

I bite down on your cum button again as my orgasm consumes me wholly. Your voice is songlike as you cum at the same time. Our voices and orgasms intertwining beautifully seal our pleasure.

Spent, I close my eyes and try to catch my breath. You hold me tight with your arms and legs, showering my face with a thousand tiny kisses.

In loving memory of EKF 09/18/1980 to 08/05/2005

Following the example in Sister_Act_4_You's blog
Here is a list of music for this piece, any apply:

Loreena McKennitt
Mask and The Mirror
Book of Secrets


Mcmxc A.D.

Michael Brook
Cobalt Blue

Bel Canto
Birds of Passage

The Sisters of Mercy

Any album from the following artists:
Dead Can Dance
Depeche Mode
Peter Gabriel

the perfect song for after
Peter Gabriel: "Blood of Eden"


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