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3/14/2006 2:39 pm

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Fake Memories

Okay, as per Sister_Act_4_You's post:
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This is the fake memory I submitted. Of course if anyone reading this feels inclined to write a fake memory of me, feel free.

I remember when we first met. You were on your way out of the gym, I on my way in. Actually, I was trying to quickly finish my milkshake treat (that I wasn't supposed to have) when I turned into you and spilled the chill contents all over you. I apologized profusely, you were very gracious and forgiving, your nipples were very erect, and with uncommon self-discipline I kept my eyes focused on yours (very proud of myself for that ). I was quite taken by the charming way you made light of the unfortunate situation. We ended up recognizing each other from the blogs, but neither could chat much as we were both running late. What you didn't see is when I got inside; I got down on my knees and thanked God for making me a man. And thank you for handling my clumsiness with such aplomb.


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