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6/12/2006 1:17 pm

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Q: Are the pix you have posted real? Are they yours?
A: Yes the pix are real & Yes they belong to me.
Yes, I can prove it by webcam, but I'm not going to b/c of disbelief on your part. I shouldn't have to anyway.

Q: You haven't been "looking" for a while now. Has that changed? Can I change your mind?
A: No,I'm still not looking for anyone. No, You can't change my mind (it's mine not ur's) no matter how much you think you fit the bill of what I'm looking for. When I see fit or when my status has changed I will change my profile accordingly.

Q: Why don't you show your face on pix?
A: First off,my life is just that "my life". I don't & never will post face pix on a site of this nature. Look up the word "private" in the dictionary.

Q: Why is your profile so blunt/str8foward?
A: My profile is to the point to weed out the bs most have to offer. I am who I am hate it or love it. Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't. When my profile a.k.a. filter doesn't work, getting to know you will.

Q: Can/Will you send me pix to my external email address or inbox?
A: No, I will not send out any pix.Nor will I keep you entertainted @ the expense of mine.

Q: Can I come over?
A: No, you may not. I will never meet anyone from online @ my home (no acceptions). This question always provokes my mind to find out your true intentions. FAIK (for all I know) you could be a serial killer and unsuspecting me, could be your next victim. To say the least "NO" on so many levels.

Q: Why aren't you into couples?
A: Couples come with limits. If I do find a couple that I'm into, I get to know them a little and here come the limits lol. For example, You can do whatever you want to do to/with me, but with my partner you can't french kiss them. wth? lol Another reason, I could be totally attracted to one person and not in the least bit attracted to the other.

Q: Since you wont give me your # here is mine, will you call me?
A: If "I" decide to give you the pleasure and call you, trust me, you've earned brownie points with me.

Q: If I offer you the best of everything (gifts money & lifestyle)will you sleep with me?
A: This question will always ignite a smartass response from me. Watch out! I see it like this,
I wasn't informed that just bc I chose a site such as this one, I instantly became a hoe/whore. Although, I am a member of this site, that doesn't equate being a hoe/whore. I'm quite selective on who I lay down with, just check my profile! If you come @ me like this I will make you feel inferior, block you from contacting me and put you on my iggy list!

* I'll post more later, Gotta Run*

rm_BOSSHOGG1110 39M

6/14/2006 11:42 am

Gotusayoooh is 4 real. Do not judge this book by its cover. Yes she is a very sexy woman, but she is even sexier inside. I have had the pleasure of talk to her 4 awhile now, I could imagine talkin to a sweeter, nicer, sometimes silly, and most of all real people. So if u even get a chance to speak with her please treat her with respect and honesty and u will be rewarded with her time. Gotusayoooh u know I got u ma, and u know who thinks bout u.

GotUsaynOooh 37F

6/15/2006 6:57 am

Constant {=}'s for you Boss

richwalkxl 41M

8/2/2006 10:50 pm

Yes... I Am Looking Forward to Seeing You. Contact Me.


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