my name is in jest only BUT  

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8/22/2006 4:04 am
my name is in jest only BUT

"The Gossip
This person avoids intimacy by talking about others behind their backs. The gossip gets energy from relaying stories, opinions, and the latest "scoop." By gossiping about others, she creates a lack of safety in her relationships, whether she realizes it or not. After all, if she'll/he'll talk about someone else, she'll/he'll talk about you. "

i'd like to call attention to this post, remaining nameless,

EVERYONE GOSSIPS whether they admit to it or not. If you relay any statistic or thing to another human being from another human being without permission or with them not knowing, that's gossip just as well. a rose is a rose is a rose.

I put things on here, stolen and otherwise, for my entertainment. an online journal

if a guy/escapade does make it to this board, chances are it wasnt going to work out so thats why i post it.

Do i care if people disrespect take/dusty/gossip? nope. Because they make me laugh. Life without laughter is not a life to live. at least for me. maybe it's because the naturally 'happy' drugs your body gives u were being blocked by estrogen in my brain beforehand, or maybe i just radically changed for no reason (not). I may get pissy for a few minutes after reading things-dont worry I'm sticking to happy blogs from now on- but it hardly ruins my day let alone effects my total life.
there are many guys who are turned on because they know a girl can give and take jokes with the guys... I have always preferred the friendship of guys-the girls usually just stabbed u in the back- but i do have some great estrogen friends now and we stand behind each other 100%.
bagala girls are like a family. we keep adopting a younger one in every year or so. the range from CPAs to UPS drivers to my favorite lumber jack, 'L' (she bigger than most men i know, and some of the body builders too). She's the one who'll body slam any guy at a bar for u if he doesn't take no for an answer. She can drink most men under the table too.
N is the older sister i never had but wanted. She's been in an abusive and prisoned marriage too. She's a lot stronger than me too, but she had like 4 sisters to fall back on when she was getting molested beat and yelled at growing up. She's the strongest person i know and i hope i can say i was as good of a friend to her as she is to me. She raised 2 boys on her own for 13 yrs. I took her out to lunch at del rio's cafe last week because i know she never gets out to do much because money's tight. then i took her to bath and body works and forced her to pick some lotion out. I wasn't letting her leave until she did. now, she's about 10 lbs lighter than me but has biceps like crazzzzzy so she could take me out, but u know what i mean when i say i forced her. NOONE has to twist a womans arm in bath and body works. I bought $50 ruby tuesdays gift card yesterday and gave it to her saying that we WILL be going there this week. next week is chili's. She's there for my with advise (she has endo too and had hysterectomy)and as long as i can swing it i will spoil her! because she s a wonderful woman and she deserves it. Ironically she started out being my state approved baby sitter when i was going to PSU.

My feeling is, and this is how my mother raised me, ALWAYS share if you have enough. " don't have to worry people on the river are happy to give!.." so true, proud mary!

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