Well if anyone reads this, they may get the right idea about me! :-O  

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5/27/2006 11:19 am

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Well if anyone reads this, they may get the right idea about me! :-O

Diary of a naive new member : (Week One)
Saturday 20th May - (late evening sometime) Got nothing better to do this evening as recovering from varied self abuse of previous week, browsing online & up pops AdultFriendFinder! Where the Fuck did that come from was my first thought, as I usually associate that type of pop-up with porno sites etc....

10 mins later.... Now a member cos it's time I got listed in a few more Blackbooks/Palm Pilots etc, spend time entering a vague biog & looking through a list of matches (Eyes at this point are going, as now into early hours, not to mention popping out on stalks browsing all the hot women on site)

One thing strikes me as strange though....

.....several women looking for long term/serious relationships! Wow do they havce the wrong site? Maybe they signed up not quite realising, but by that time they'd paid anyway!

Upshot : Message sent to very nice member with promise of allsorts basically!

Tuesday 23rd May : Reply back from member to chat in Email, reply sent, getting on like Great fire of London! Go to bed happy on high note (like a dog with 2 dicks!) looking forward to good times, meeting up etc....

Thursday 24th : Ahh starts to go a bit awry here! Further Email from friend directing me to a link on another site to exchange personal details & arrange to meet to "Let the good times roll!". Site turns out to lead to dead end & I'm left $20 worse off for signing up after numerous searches etc to find this hot young lady who's got my attention!
Emailed friend back, starting to wonder if there's a better way to do this!

Friday 25th ; Umm, another Email from friend asking if I'm still interested in meeting her & to hurry up & call, once again link to site is given which leads........

........nowhere fast!

Email friend back to explain, emails cannot be delivered! Friends profile on AdultFriendFinder is switched off! Shit! There has to be an easier way than this?

Saturday 26th : Return home from an all-night bender on local Leeds scene to find yet another member trying to get together, with yes you fuckin guessed it, ANOTHER RED HERRING SITE!
Starting to wonder at this point if have been subject of some crafty adult site scam to sign up new members!

To date (as I'm writing this) still happy despite not getting what I joined up for (and by the way if the young lady in question sees this pitiful diary, please Email me with yer Number luv?)

What's next... Well think I'll try again eh?

So where are the coll girls in West Yorks, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax etc? Come on you must be out there somewhere & ready to party?

Tell me who you are, as I am looking for chat to get me engaged, but don't worry if you're not local, all come in & add what you want or tell me what you'd like to do?


woofff 41F

6/4/2006 5:52 pm

Are ok,you?.Just wondering. You seemed to be sitting here talking on and on so I stopped over to listen when I realized were yammering on to yourself. I live nowhereclose to Leeds or even England for that matter -no its not that good a break-but I'm human and I relate. (Hugs Goodlovinguy0 and welcomes him into the wolf pack she happened to be loping with)


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