La la la la laaaaaa.................  

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6/4/2006 4:27 am

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La la la la laaaaaa.................

This One Thousand second Kiss......

Where has it all come from,

How could we get to this,

Sitting in your backyard 5AM,

Let's go for the sunshine,

Bring that dawn rise straight to us,

Take this empty glass to the brim,

Watch your fear bust wide open.

A thousand second kiss where did you go to,

I want to end up just like this,

In your arms to our own tune,

Uninteruppted thousand second bliss!

Keel over & backwards; forwards,

With every funny line you ever heard,

Just sittin waitin' for that one off moment,

Did you believe it would happen so soon,

Before the moon came down?

Teach me all the lyrics to your life,

Then kick me up your stairs,

Cos I promise I'll behave,

How many seconds to your kiss?

A thousand second kiss why did I open my eyes,

I want to end up just like this,

In your arms to the symphony now playing,

In your backyard to the morning's pleasure,

Don't hold back that thousand second bliss!

Don't know if I'll make it now how do you tell,

If you've been in life's shade too long,

Can you take a rest & shine so bright,

Take my hand & head for the light......


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