Japanese Culture = Incomprehensible Compulsion To Defy Reason & Sanity?  

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6/16/2006 2:29 pm

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Japanese Culture = Incomprehensible Compulsion To Defy Reason & Sanity?

Having seen today's sad news of events taking place regularly in the open seas, I can only admit my lack of cultural empathy for what the Japanese are doing, by slaughtering ever increasing numbers of Whales.

It's estimated that they are well over the conservatively estimated figure of ONE THOUSAND whales caught & slaughtered EVER YEAR!

It seems that this is mainly a defiance matter based on outdated Imperialistic notions of "We will conduct our own affairs" type insanity. They have defied the IWC comittee, despite being one of it's most active members, and the saddest fact of all is that these beautiful sea mammals are being captured & slaughtered for no real reason. That's correct, the demand for whale meat in Japan is tiny, most meat goes to waste or is forced on uninterested consumers as "Whale Burgers" in fast food restaurants, at discount prices to try increase it's appeal!

The Japanese spokes-people assure the IWC that Japan will continue to multiply it's catches for what it principly claims are "Scientific Studies", well they must be having some difficulty actually justifying this to themselves, it sounds like a sham excuse.....

....anyway that's probably the first & last political rant you'll ever see me make!!!

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